Steps to Make Banners in Coreldraw

Steps to Make Banners in Coreldraw

Now it's very easy to design your own banner, follow the steps to create a banner in Coreldraw.

Teknoto.Net - Banner is one of the print media that contains information on cloth that is placed in strategic places.

There are various ways to make banners, one of them by using Coreldraw. To make it easier, you can follow the steps to make a banner in Coreldraw.

Steps to Make Banners in Coreldraw

Actually, there are many tutorials about making banners. But this time there will be a discussion about the steps to make banners in Coreldraw.

One of the software that is quite popular and easy to use. Here's a tutorial on how to make it:

  • Knowing the size of the banner to be used

Before designing a banner, know the size of the banner that will be used. When you know the size, use the scale for comparison.

For example, if you want to make a banner with a size of 1 x 0.5 meters, the size that will be used on the computer is 10 x 5 cm.

  • Background design

After setting the banner size, the next step is to create a background. Adjust the background color according to your needs.

To make it easier to make the background, there will be a tutorial below.

  • Create a rectangular image. Click Rectangle Tools on the toolbox menu.

Make a rectangular image that has a size that matches the comparison of the banner used. Place the rectangle right in the center by clicking P.

  • Create a banner background. To make it easier, make the background color first.

So that makes it easier when at this stage. Adjust the size of the background color to the size of the rectangle.

  • Import photos and other symbols that will be used to add decoration to the banner.

  • Determine the text color and font to use

The next step is to choose suitable text color and font for the banner. The writing font is to represent all the explanations from within the banner.

Use the Text Tool on the toolbox menu. Click once on the page and type the script, choose a font with bold text, and capitalize everything.

Click the text with the Pick Tool and copy. Continue to change the text color. When finished, set the Outline Width. Choose the right one and the right size.

If you want to add another text, paste the object and click it. Then there will be another object on top.

To set the text, the method is the same as above. Arrange all the text so that it is centered.


  • Convert files to JPG/PNG

When all is done, convert the file to JPG/PNG by exporting the file. So it's ready to print.

It's also easy, click Export on the File menu, and the Export File box will appear. Rename the file to JPG-JPEG Bitmaps, then click Export.

It's easy not to make a banner through Coreldraw. Follow all the steps to make a banner in Coreldraw sequentially as above.

Always learn to make other designs using Coreldraw. The more you try, the more proficient you will be at making banners.

If you have learned and understood how to make designs with Coreldraw, you no longer need to spend a lot of money to get your business banner.

Interesting isn't it? I hope the review is useful!

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