Selling ID Card Printing Machine Packages for Business

Selling ID card machine packages is a very promising business in the printing sector. You only buy the machine package once while the benefits can be many times.

Teknoto.Net - If you want to open a printing business, of course, you must have the equipment by looking for a shop that sells ID card printing machine packages.

Printing is indeed one of the businesses that give you a lot of benefits. Therefore, many people are interested in running this business.

ID Card Printing Machine Package

You will get some business equipment from selling ID card printing machine packages as below:

  • Got Innovatec A3-330 lamina laminator
  • You also get 1 ID Card Punch Machine
  • Can PVC Printer Material @ 50 sheets / pack
  • Get PVC Middle Material @ 50 sheets / pack
  • Get 1 ID Card Hole Maker

Use of Custom ID Card Printing Package Equipment

Lamination Machine Innovatec / V - Tec 330

The Innovatec / V - Tec 330 lamination machine is a hot and cold lamination machine that you can use to laminate ID Cards with PVC material. This innovative machine is equipped with a heat controller that can be adjusted according to user needs. While the material for the V-Tec 330 lamination machine is metal with a double-sided silicone rubber roll, namely hot and cold. Any specifications are:

  • Speed ​​650mm/min
  • Width 330 mm
  • Thickness 1 mm
  • Temperature 100-160 degrees centigrade
  • Power Supply AC 220V 50 Hz
  • Power 560 W
  • Machine Size 500 x 200 x 110 mm
  • Weight 8 kg

ID Card Punch Machine

From selling the ID card printing machine package, you get an ID card punch machine. Serves to cut PVC ID card paper that has been printed so that the card is neater and more precise.

The operating system is also quite easy and does not require electrical energy. While the size of the id card that can be cut is 54 cm x 86 cm.

ID Card Hole Maker

ID card hole maker is to punch holes in PVC cards that have been printed and cut using an ID Card punch machine.

This tool has two types of role models, first Oval (3 mm x 13 mm) and circle (3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm). While the standard size used is oval.

PVC Material and PVC Middle Material

Custom cards use the main material PVC Id card. While the Pvc printer material is the main material used to print designs.

Then the function of the PVC printer material is to thicken the card on the PVC printer material.

One set of PVC printer material and PVC middle material can only be made for one side of ID Card printing.

Price of Cheap PVC Card Printing Business Packages

Many people are interested in opening a printing business because the results are very profitable.

How not, this business only spends capital once while the profits are many times.

This type of business package is only priced at around Rp. 1,750,000. This price can change at any time in accordance with applicable regulations.

All businesses promise to be profitable if run with focus.

Likewise with the business of selling ID card printing machine packages, which if carried out with seriousness and concentration without looking left and right, can certainly be a very promising opportunity.

That's an interesting review about the business opportunity to sell ID card printing machine packages that are currently being watched by many young entrepreneurs. Hopefully, it's useful!

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