Photo Pass Printing Machine

Photo Pass Printing Machine

As an entrepreneur who is engaged in photo printing, of course having a photo printing machine will really support your business.

Teknoto.Net - A photo printing machine is one of the devices that must be in a photo studio. The machine used for printing is a printer that is able to produce photos with very high resolution.

This resolution will produce good-quality photos. This printer machine, of course, has advantages, one of which is printing images that are full of sharp and contrasting colors.

With such good quality, the prints of even this printer machine will last a long time.

How the Pass Photo Printing Machine Works

The way a passport photo printing machine works is like the printer you normally use to print documents and pictures. You just need to adjust the image according to the size of your needs.

  1. Determine the photo to be printed
  2. You can manipulate the back color of the photo because sometimes a certain color is needed for a documentary, of course,
  3. When finished, you must reset the size of the photo to be printed.
  4. After the photo pass is complete, you can transfer the data to the printer earlier.
  5. Prepare a paper of the type you need to print on.
  6. You are ready to print with the best quality.

How to use a passport photo printing machine

Using this machine is not much different from using a printer. You should take care that the ink used for printing is always fully charged and does not dry out. You also have to keep the printer clean properly.

How to take care of it

The maintenance of this photo printing machine is not difficult if you are familiar with the printer. The steps you need to take are:

  1. Always clean the machine from adhering to dust. dust will cause stains on the printout.
  2. Make sure that the ink cartridges are always filled at a safe level, so you don't have to panic when you print a photo, but the primary color ink runs out.
  3. Contact an authorized service center to perform regular maintenance on your printer. Proper and regular maintenance will help extend the productive life of your machine.
  4. If there is damage, immediately contact the nearest authorized repair service center, until the damage to the machine does not further interfere with its performance.

Photo Pass Printing Machine Media

The machine used to print, of course, is a printer machine designed specifically for printing photos.

Photo paper is the only media that is the best for color photo prints to be good.

There are various kinds of photo paper that can be used, for example, canvas, glossy, doff, and laser. You can choose the type of paper that suits your needs.

Choosing the Right Machine Type

To choose which type of machine is suitable for you, please read carefully the explanation below.

Business Scale

The scale of the business you have will help you choose what kind of machine you should have.


Choose a photo printing machine with funds that fit your budget. Consult your needs with the machine vendor.

Hopefully, this photo printing machine article can help you make a decision to buy what kind of printing machine you need.

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