Mini Digital Printing Machine Prices, The Trend Of The Present Holidays

The price of a mini digital printing machine is indeed very helpful for all people, besides being portable, the functions it has are also not inferior to large printers

Teknoto.Net - The price of mini digital printing machines is now indeed a trend. How not, recently there was a mini printing machine launched by Canon.

The mini printer received enthusiastic reactions from the public, especially young people and traveling lovers. By pocketing the mini printer, it allows people to print photos anywhere.

Suitable for those of you who like to take selfies, so the photos you take will not fill your cellphone memory. So every shot can be instantly immortalized.

Because mini printing is becoming a trend item that is being hunted by millennials. But it is also possible that this can be used as a business, armed with a cellphone, you can print photos at tourist attractions.

Price of Canon Mini Digital Printing Machine

The price of the mini digital printing machine launched by Canon is getting a lot of attention because of its practical shape. So what advantages does this mini printing machine have?

Here are some of the advantages of Canon digital machines that many people look at, including:

Affordable Mini Digital Printing Machine Prices

The price of a mini digital printing machine is also affordable, the price of a smartphone is only sold for two million.

With this affordable price, it makes mini printers much invaded by millennials.

The price for the photo paper is also quite affordable, only around 200 thousand rupiahs.

Portable Mini Printing

In addition to the affordable price, mini printing machines also have a portable form. Thus it can be taken anywhere and does not take up space.

Its lightweight size can be put in a bag or pocket.

It also comes with a built-in battery, so you can charge it anytime. This mini cannon printer machine is indeed designed to be able to accompany smartphones.

So to be connected to a cellphone, it can be connected via a Bluetooth connection.

The Print Results Have Dry Printing Technology

The prints produced by this mini printing machine are 2 x 3 inches. The backside can be pasted and removed.

So it can be pasted automatically anywhere. The results can also be enjoyed immediately because it has zinc zero dry printing technology.

With this technology, you don't need separate ink. It is enough to provide only photo paper.

With these results, later it can even be used as an aesthetic ornament that is affixed anywhere.

Not only printing photos individually, but can also be used to print four-picture collages. So it can be more fun for sure.

In addition to forming photo collages, there is also a tile print menu. This feature can be used to combine 4 to 9 parts of a photo to be merged into a larger size.

So you don't have to worry if you want to print large sizes, you can still do this mini printer.

The price of a mini digital printing machine actually has many advantages, even though the price is a little expensive, but enthusiasts still buy it.

This mini printer has a choice of gold, rose, mint green, and slate gray colors so it fits perfectly with the colors of young people. Guaranteed to match the style of young people.

How, will you think twice about being able to have a mini printer that can be pocketed and put everywhere? I hope the review is useful!

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