Know the Types of Car Shockbreaker That Are Often Used

You can make your own comfort when driving by choosing the right shock absorber. So, you need to know about the types of car shockbreaker  that are often used.

Teknoto.Net - To support your comfort while driving, the use of shock absorbers will be very important.

Try to choose a shock absorber that has the best quality. So, it is important for you to know the type of car shock absorber that is often used.

After knowing which types are used most often, you can determine for yourself which type of shock absorber suits your needs.

Shock absorbers or most commonly referred to as shock absorbers are an important device when you are passing through a road with lots of potholes.

Actually, the default shock absorber from the car factory is sufficient and meets the standards. However, for those of you who want a shock absorber with a high level of flexibility, it is also not a problem. You can replace the factory default shock absorbers.

The type of shock absorber has unique characteristics of each type. There are types of shock absorbers that have soft characteristics and vice versa.

Soft or not, can affect the speed of the car. Soft shock absorbers are good for roads with lots of potholes but will be less stable on roads with lots of bends.

Types of Car Shockbreaker Often Used

The following are some of the common and most commonly used types of shockbreaker. There are two types, namely single action, and double action.

1). Single Action

This type of shock absorber is a type of damper that feels softer, especially when passing through roads with lots of bumps. This is due to the longitudinal force created by this type of single-action shock absorber.

But the drawbacks, it is clear when the car drove and bulldozed the road with a lot of waves. This single-action shock absorber makes the car shake strong enough so that it is less stable on bumpy roads.

2). Double Action

The type of car shock absorber that is often used, the second is the double-action type. Unlike the single action which only has an elongated damping force, the double-action has an elongated and shortened damping style. It will be quite stable on roads that have a lot of speed bumps and is used to bulldoze roads with many bends.

Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Shockbreaker

Here are some aspects that can be your consideration in choosing the best type of shock absorber to use.

1). See Material Type of Shockbreaker 

In terms of material, if the shock absorber uses gas material, then the characteristics tend to be hard. In contrast to the lubricating material, the characteristics will certainly be softer.

2). Adjust the choice of shockbreaker to the needs of the car

There are two main choices shock absorbers. There are single and double-action shock absorbers. You can adjust it to the needs of the car.

For example, if you choose a single action, this shock absorber will be very suitable for vehicles that have a fairly low mass. 

There is also a double action on the contrary. So, just look at the car you have, low weight or vice versa.

Well, that was the discussion about the types of car shock absorbers that are often used. In conclusion, use the best type of shockbreaker  and adjust it to the needs of your car. Comfort while driving is the main and must be a priority.

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