If you want to print your own invitations, prepare a manual invitation printing tool from now on

If you want to print your own invitations, prepare a manual invitation printing tool from now on

Printing yourself has a different impression than leaving it to someone else, if the price is expensive, then use a manual invitation printing tool.

Teknoto.Net - Over time, invitation-making has become more sophisticated. So that makes the manual invitation printing tool increasingly eliminated. 

In fact, the results are also no less good with those using sophisticated machines.

Indeed, the longer it takes to provide manual invitation printing, the less. However, you can make your own invitations by using manual printing techniques or often called screen printing. 

Then, what should be prepared? Check it all out in the following article.

Various Kinds of Manual Invitation Printing Tools

Before starting to create invitations manually. Know what manual invitation printing tools must be prepared. Don't worry, these tools are cheaper than using machines.


Often referred to as screen printing filters. This screen is made of Gasa cloth or porous cloth. 

The function of this cloth is to filter the ink that comes out on the media to be screened. There are various screen sizes.

Please note that the larger the screen number used, the smaller the pores. Then the results will also be smoother. Smooth results are more suitable for paper and plastic.

Drugs afdruk

The next manual invitation printing tool is afdruk drugs. The function of the drug is to move the design on the screen which will later produce an image. 

There are various brands of afdruk drugs, please choose the one that suits your needs.


So that the screen can be reused after finishing making the mold. Then you need an eraser. The medicine will erase the printed image on the screen until it is clean.

Ink booster

As with other inks that can fade, so does screen printing ink. In order to be more durable and the ink does not fade easily, it requires an ink amplifier or ink coating. 

There are various types of ink coatings on the market, such as Top Coat.


The benefit of the Rakel is to provide the ink in the screen or glass cloth. How to use it simply by pressing the screen and then pushing it so that the ink can appear on the media to be screened.

Screen Printing Table

The existence of a screen printing table facilitates the screen printing process. The position of the table must be flat because the screen printing process requires a fairly large area. 

The table is also useful when there is a transfer of images on the screen.


Why do you need a glass? Of course, there are certain functions of load glasses. There is no need to buy it because at home you definitely have a lot of glasses. 

The benefit of glass in the screen printing process is to mix ink, ink cartridges, or others.


The benefits of glass are needed when the afdruk process. The glass is to press the image on the screen so that it can be tighter.

In addition, glass is also important in the irradiation process whether it uses artificial or natural light.

Those are some manual invitation printing tools that must be prepared to start printing yourself. Before deciding to print yourself, know the technique so you don't go wrong in printing. 

If necessary, learn from the experts. Hope it is useful.

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