How to Print Images on Word Full Paper

How to Print Images on Word Full Paper

For those of you who often print images, it's a good idea to learn how to print images on Word Full Paper in order to get maximum results.

Teknoto.Net - Like Microsoft Word, it is operated to work on written documents. However, often users need it to print images.

It's a good idea to learn how to print images in Word Full paper so that jobs that involve printing images in Words can be printed with the best quality.

Causes of Images Not Printing in Word

If examined further, the actual cause of the image not printing on Word full paper is simple. You may have experienced it, like:

Paper size

The paper size that is not correct or does not match the paper type will cause the left and right margins to differ. This may cause the image to be sized incorrectly.

Settings In Microsoft Word

Often when you want to adjust the layout, you forget the paper size of the type of paper you want to use. If that happens, of course, the printout will not match.

Settings on Printer

You also need to set the paper size in the paper settings on your printer. Sometimes, the type of paper you want to use is not supported by your printer device.

Image Size

It could be that while setting the layout of the image, you forgot how to properly layout the image with the existing paper size. keep an eye on both so that your image is printed on full paper.

How to Print Images on Word Full Paper

In order for your image to be printed on full paper, it's a good idea to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Word application on your device with the “Blank Document” option. This option will take you to a blank Word document.
  2. Before typing, first set the paper size you want. Select “Page Layout” then “Size” on the taskbar. In that section there are various types of paper options, choose the type of paper you need.
  3. Next, you have to select “Margin” which means you set the upper and lower left and right borders of the paper. That limit will later become a marker for the printer to print the intended image.
  4. Once done, you can start inserting the images you want.
  5.  To insert an image, click “Insert Picture.” You can select an existing image. If it's not there, then you have to look for it on the internet first.
  6.  If the image is already in Word, adjust the position of the image by dragging it using the markers already in the corner of the image.
  7. Adjust the paper size that you have selected, do not let the image you set exceeds the margin you have set.
  8. Before you print, look at the paper settings on the printer you will be using. Make sure the paper you are using is supported by that type of printer.
  9. After the setup is complete, please start printing it.

Well, for those of you who often don't get the right image printouts, please follow this method of printing images in Word full paper.

By following the method that we have summarized for you, then you no longer need to bother with other things.

Hopefully, the reviews or articles that we have presented are useful for you, and can even be the right reference.

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