How to Make Banners Online? Can Use These Two Applications.

How to Make Banners Online? Can Use These Two Applications.

It's getting easier to make banners online, let alone free, and has many options, then how do you make banners online?

Teknoto.Net - Banners are a tool to promote something so that people are interested. There are many ways to make banners, one of which is online. How to make banners online? Keep up with the reviews.

It's not difficult to make a banner online. There are many templates available with various models. Just fill in the required information.

Not only that, these templates can be used for free. Then follow the steps below.

Easy Ways to Create Banners Online Using Canva

Surely many are curious about how to make a banner online? This time the banner was made using an application, namely the Canva application.

You don't need an expert to make it, because many free templates are available. Here's a tutorial on making banners online. Namely:

  • First, download the Canva application on the google play store. If your mind, you can open it via the web. Login using your Facebook Gmail account.

         After logging in, various templates with various models will appear.

  • Choose one of the templates. There are many choices of templates with various themes. Find a template that fits your needs that will be used as a promotion.

          Click the selected template. A new page will appear with the selected template display.

  • Then the next step is to start editing the template. Starting from the writing to the addition of other elements in the design from the menu on the left.

          You can even add the logo of the product to be promoted to make it more attractive and attractive to many people.

  • When you have finished editing the banner, download the design by clicking the Download menu. It's in the top right corner.

           Then two kinds of file options will appear, namely images and PDFs. Choose one and use the one that is easiest to use.

  • If you don't want to choose both, then choose the default PNG. Continue by clicking Download.

          Wait for the ongoing generate and download process. Now the banner that has been made is ready to be used for promotion.

Isn't it easy to create a banner using the Canva app?

There are several templates that include paid, but not a few are free. Next is to create an online banner using Pablo by Buffer.

Using Pablo by Buffer To Create Banners Online

How to make it almost the same as using the Canva application. Just find the template you need, then click on that option.

Unfortunately, there are not as many template options as in the Canva app. This application is perfect for those who don't want to be confused looking for a template.

Easy isn't it, how to make a banner online?

The two application options above have advantages and disadvantages that can be found from the explanation above. In fact, both can be used for free, fast, and easy.

So, which one to choose to create a banner design? The most important thing is that it matches and fits your product promotion needs!

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