How to Make a Banner with PowerPoint

How to Make a Banner with Powerpoint

How to make banners with Powerpoint is a skill that can be mastered if making banners. You don't need to go to a printer to design it.

Teknoto.Net - Banners are a form of written communication. If you are one of those who often make it, then how to make a banner with PowerPoint must be learned.

Banners are widely used as promotional media and general information.

If you want to make your own banner without the help of a printer, then you can use a familiar computer program, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw.

However, often there are those who use the PowerPoint program to make banners.

Types of Banners You Should Know

Below are some types of banners, namely:

Based on Shape and size

Based on the shape and size, there are 4 types of banners, namely X banner, Y banner, X mini banner, and roll up banner

Based on how it's printed

Based on how banners are printed, banners are divided into three types, namely screen printing banners, spray banners, and printing banners.

Steps to Make Banners with Microsoft PowerPoint

The way you will do it will not be much different from using other office programs.

No matter which version of Microsoft Office you have, you can still create banners this way.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Powerpoint program
  2. 'Then You Have to create a new Powerpoint worksheet. If there is no way is to click the file and then a new one.
  3. You can also make it by pressing CTRL + N
  4. Select Menu New Design. Click.
  5. Next select Page Setup
  6. Next, you need to set the size of margins on the Powerpoint page that you will create.
  7. Next, in the slide size column, select the banner section.
  8. Then click OK.
  9. Then the size is adjusted to the height and width of the banner that you will create.
  10. Once you have finished creating the new page, you proceed with creating the banner.
  11. Enter the word or sentence that you want to convey to the audience who reads it.
  12. Insert an image, if you want the banner to be given information about the image. Select the Insert Picture menu.
  13. If you do not have the image in question, you can download it on the internet first.
  14. If you have selected an image, then adjust the layout of the image so that it does not cover the sentence or information that will be given to the banner reader.
  15. When all is done, rearrange the layout.
  16. Finished. Click the Save As menu with the file name you want.

Tips for Making Banners with Microsoft PowerPoint

Some of the tips below you can use when making banners.

  • Do not let the writing you make is too small so that it cannot be read by readers who see the banner walking.
  • Nor should it be too big, so that not all information is conveyed.
  • Choose an image that represents the information you want to convey so that readers will immediately know the contents of the banner at a glance.

That's how to make a banner with Powerpoint. Hopefully, you can now make it easy. Happy creative.

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