Get to know the various types of engine oil and their uses

Oil is an important component of engine performance. So make sure you know the type of engine oil and its designation, so you don't make the wrong choice

Teknoto.Net - For those of you who have a vehicle, be it two or three wheels, you must be familiar with engine oil.

Engine oil is one of the most important supporting components to help the performance of the vehicle engine.

Engine oil also has several types. It is important for you to know about the type of engine oil and its designation so that you do not choose the wrong one.

Engine Oil Function

In general, engine oil is intended to lubricate when friction occurs in the vehicle engine. Just imagine, what happens when the engine is not lubricated with oil.

When friction occurs, sparks may arise due to the absence of lubricant. However, below will be discussed in more detail related to oil and its designation.

Various Types of Engine Oil and Their Use

Here are some types of oil and used for anything according to its type. This is important you know, so you don't make the wrong change in vehicle oil.

For types of oil, in general, there are engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, brake oil, and power steering oil. Here is the discussion.

1). Machine oil

This engine oil will be very easy to find in two- and three-wheeled vehicles. The engine oil type is the most common type of oil.

In contrast to power and steering oil, transmission oil is also due to its limited designation.

Engine oil also has several variants with different designations. There are engine oils with types of semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil, and mineral oil. Following are the types of engine oil and their uses.

Semi-synthetic oil is pure oil that has undergone a mixture of ingredients with additives and also the viscosity index.

This oil is more heat resistant and more effective at keeping the engine clean from the attached crust.

Semi-synthetic oil would be very good if used on medium engines for example passenger cars.

As for synthetic oil or fully synthetic oil, it is an oil that uses a lot of chemical elements in its basic ingredients.

Crude oil which will be used as oil is managed even more intensely, thus producing this synthetic oil.

Similar to semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil is also more stable. This oil is better used in cars that are higher in price. For example sports cars and others.

The last type of engine oil is mineral oil. This oil is pure oil that comes from the bowels of the earth.

For the price, it is the cheapest than the previous types. This oil is quite user-friendly in heavy-duty machines. For example diesel engines and so on.

2). Transmission Oil

Transmission oil, as the name suggests is the oil located in the transmission system. The main function of this oil is to stabilize when the gear shifting process occurs. This oil can be used on two and three wheels.

3). Gear Oil

The function is as a liaison between the transmission, to the axle. When there is a hum in a running car, it is a sign of low axle oil.

4). Brake Oil

Brake oil or brake fluid is oil made with a very low viscosity level.

5). Power Steering Oil

Finally, there is power steering oil whose main function is to make it easier for the driver to hold the steering wheel. The convenience is obtained from the function of this oil.

Well, that was the discussion about the types of engine oil and their uses. So, do not be wrong in the selection of oil.

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