Don't be confused, these are 6 ways to save money to buy a small salary car

Do not be upset if the salary is small. Check out how to save money to buy a small salary car so that your dreams can come true. Choose the way that suits you to save.

Teknoto.Net - There's nothing wrong with having enough money to buy a car, however, you also don't have to worry if you have a small salary. 

Check out how to save money to buy a small salary car. Considering the need for vehicles for people with high mobility, it is very necessary.

Having a car is also a necessity for those of you who have a large family. It will be more practical to travel.

How to save money to buy a small salary car

The price of an increasingly expensive car, of course, is a separate consideration before buying. Here are some ways to save a small salary car that can be taken into consideration.

Setting a Savings Target

Decide in advance what type of car to buy. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the car and pay attention to what is the need.

Does it have to be a new car? Because the price of a car is very influential and differs between new or old. After knowing the estimate of what car is cold to buy. You can find out the price.

Set a strategy by looking at your monthly income and expenses. You can estimate when is the right time to buy a car. In addition, it will be a separate spirit to save.

Set aside income

In the opinion of some financial experts, you have to set aside money. The amount of the percentage that must be set aside is 10-30 percent.

Don't forget to adjust the number of monthly expenses, the amount of income, and other dependents. The more that is set aside for the purpose of buying a car if it is not taken into account, it will be difficult for you to make ends meet.

The more funds that are set aside, the more will be collected. The time to save will certainly be shorter.

Save Gold

Not only saving in the form of money, but you can also save gold to realize your dream of buying a car. Prices that tend to be stable and resistant to inflation make prices higher than the interest on savings in banks.

By Time

To be even more enthusiastic about saving, try saving based on a certain time. For example, saving every 1st of every month is Rp. 500,000. Every 20th must set aside half of it.

This method aims to make it easier to remember that you still have special dependents. You will be more diligent because you have to set aside money at a certain time.

Side job

Do not feel hesitant and discouraged to buy a car even if your salary is small. In addition to saving, you can have additional savings with a side job.

Lots of side jobs with a decent income. You can explore hobbies and talents for a side job.

For example, if your hobby is cooking, you can open a catering service. For those who have a hobby of singing, they can become a cafe singer. You who are talented in writing can also be a content writer.

However, the thing you have to pay attention to is to stay healthy. Doing two jobs is not easy and exhausting.

Saving at the Beginning of Payday

Saving at the beginning of payday is the next surefire way. Put the money in a safe place. The challenge that must be faced is not to deplete the savings for other purposes. You have to be able to hold yourself back.

How to save money to buy a small salary car can be realized if you are disciplined in managing your finances.

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