Banner Printing Equipment Prices and Types

Digital printing is the result of the development of conventional printing into digital methods. The price of banner printing equipment varies depending on the type of machine.

Teknoto.Net - To print banners, you can use digital printing techniques. The price of banner printing equipment has a large size according to the material to be printed. Printers for banners have several types which will be explained in the next discussion.

What Printing Tool is Used

Digital printing itself is defined as a method of printing images using digital methods.

Digital printing tools are used to print banners or banners. Whether or not a digital printing machine is good depends on how you use it.

Using the digital printing method will have many advantages over using conventional methods. The way this machine works is similar to a desktop printer.

Ways of working

The basic thing that sets it apart is the ability to print on various media and sizes. How do banner printers work? Here are some steps on how the banner printer works.

  1. The printer will start printing the design that is already on the computer.
  2. Print the prepared design.
  3. In the printing process, the printer head will move.
  4. The ink inside will be sprayed.
  5. Re-check the print design on the banner material.

Types of Tools

The types of banner printing equipment depend on the type of machine used. The following are some of the types of machines used:

Inkjet Printer

Printers with inkjet machines are often used in printing or photocopying businesses.

Plotter Machine

Plotter machines are often found to print wide media such as print media for promotional purposes.

The price of this banner printing tool varies in size, including:

  1. 1.5 meters
  2. 3.2 meters
  3. 5 meters

Digital Offset

This machine produces prints of A4 to AO sizes. Can also be used to print maps, books, and the like. Using this machine will speed up your work.

Flatbed Printing

This machine can be used to print thick media. Using UV inks, prints will dry in an instant.

3D Printing

A new technology that is present in the printing world is 3D printing. Made of photopolymer that can produce 3-dimensional objects. Suitable to meet market needs.

Banner Printing Equipment Price

The price of banner printing equipment varies greatly. This depends on the brand and printhead used.

Some of the prices for the printheads for banner printing equipment can be seen in the following explanation:

  1. The Konica 512i printhead is in the range of 260 million rupiahs.
  2. The price of the Konica 1024i printhead reaches 400 million rupiahs. The speed is much better.

For the price of indoor digital printing machines, there are also various prices on the market. Here are some of the prices:

  1. The XP600 printhead is priced at 85 million
  2. For the Epson DX5 printhead, the price is around 100 million rupiahs.

The price of the banner printing equipment does not include shipping costs. However, for installation and training services there is no transportation fee. Choose a shop that provides a warranty that includes service and spare parts.

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