7 Simple Steps How to Make Banners with Excel

7 Simple Steps How to Make Banners with Excel

Relatively rarely counted as a program commonly used to design designs, here are seven simple steps on how to create a banner with Excel.

Teknoto.Net - Perhaps you've been using Excel more often to do calculations and create tables or graphs.

Though this program can also be used to create banner designs. How to make a banner with Excel is relatively easy.

How to Make Banners with Excel

Given that the worksheet is in the form of a column, it seems that this Excel program is more suitable for designs that contain tables or lists.

That's why how to make banners with Excel described in this article refers to that model.

You can immediately try making a design by applying the following seven simple steps, like:

1. Open the Excel program on your computer or laptop and create a new worksheet.

You can simply click the windows icon at the top left of the screen, select the option new – blank workbook – create.

2. Adjust the size of the Excel worksheet (margin, size, and orientation) with the banner that you will print through the page layout menu.

Excel provides several paper size options that you can use as a reference.

So that it can be printed on a banner that is larger than paper, later you will need to adjust the design that you have created.

You can adjust the design size by using a percentage scale or page comparison (page width).

The maximum comparison you can use is 5 x 9 pages.

3. Enter text via the insert menu – WordArt.

The text can be in the form of table titles, shop names (if you happen to make banners for business purposes), or other sentences.

Using WordArt will make the text that you include looking clearer and more interesting.

Choose the WordArt view that you think is most suitable and then type the text.

Also choose the right type of font, size, and color of the text so that the banner design looks more beautiful.

4. Create the table data that you want to display in the banner.

You can do this by typing the data in the Excel worksheet columns as usual.

Adjust the column width and height and maximize the available functions, such as borders, merge cells, etc.

5. Insert images to enhance the appearance of the banner design through the insert menu.

You are free to choose an image from the collection of pictures, ClipArt, shapes, and SmartArt available on your computer or laptop. You can also use more than one kind of image.

6. Color the Excel worksheet columns that are included in the print area of ​​your design so that the banner display will be more attractive later. You can do this through the home menu - fill color.

7. Finally, save your designed banner design safely on your laptop or computer.

Although it may be a bit different, you can still apply the above how to create a banner with Excel to design a banner without a table.

You simply focus on the principle of adjusting the size and input of images, text, and design colors.

If you have started to understand how to work and make banners using the Excel application.

Then you can start to create attractive designs and sell them so that potential customers want to use your services.

Media for making designs also don't have to use a PC or laptop, just use a smartphone, work can be done easily.

How, interesting is not a business opportunity that this person rarely glances at? I hope the review is useful!

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