5 Symptoms of Problems and Damaged CMP Sensor Functions and Causes

Caution for damage needs to be exercised. Recognize the symptoms of problems and faulty CMP sensor function. Do not let your vehicle die completely in the middle of the road.

Teknoto.Net - Damage to vehicles has a variety of causes, one of which is a damaged CMP sensor. Don't forget to check and pay attention to the symptoms of the problem and the CMP Sensor function is damaged. That way, you can know what to do and avoid the same kind of damage from happening again.

What is CMP and what are the causes and symptoms of a faulty CMP sensor?

The CMP sensor or Camshaft Position Sensor is one of the most important sensors in the fuel injection system or what is often called EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).

This tool is located on the front of the camshaft, or more specifically on the timing chain or belt. However, the positioning of the CMP Sensor may differ in some vehicles.

This CMP is familiarly called Sensor G on older EFI devices.

CMP Sensor Function

The CMP sensor has an important function. In working, the vehicle device in the form of a sensor collaborates with the CKP Sensor.

The benefit of the CMP Sensor is that it conveys surge or voltage data to the ECU. When injection occurs, the injector will open and the machine will take steps to suck.

Causes of Damaged CMP Sensor Function

Like other items, CMP is very likely to be damaged. The causes of the symptoms of the problem and the function of the damaged CMP Sensor are also quite diverse, some of which are:

  • Worn. This is a common thing that happens to an item. The CMP Sensor will also be damaged if it has been used for a long time or is worn out.
  • CMP Sensor thirst.
  • Oil tank leaking.
  • Damage occurs due to a hard impact or an accident while driving.

5 Symptoms of Damaged CMP Sensor Function Problems

There are several characteristics or symptoms that indicate the CMP Sensor is damaged. Pay attention, are there any of these symptoms on your vehicle. If there is, make repairs immediately.

Difficult or Cannot Start

It will be very annoying if the vehicle is difficult to start. Especially if you are pressed for time. However, in this condition, you also have to have sensitivity because it is possible that the CMP Sensor is being damaged.

This symptom is common when the CMP Sensor is faulty. In fact, the vehicle engine can die completely and cannot be started.

This is because the ECU does not get a signal or spike data from the CMP Sensor. Ignition and fuel don't work, so the spark plug doesn't get the lighter and the fuel doesn't reach the injector.

Weak Vehicle Engine

A faulty CMP sensor will cause the engine to become weak and lousy. Vehicles often stop unexpectedly or break down. At worst, the vehicle engine can die.

Not Agile

Vehicles can usually go as fast as they want. When the CMP Sensor is damaged, the vehicle speed gradually becomes less agile, accompanied by a noisy engine sound.


If the vehicle is slow to become fuel-intensive, you need to suspect a malfunction in the CMP Sensor.

Check Engine Light Turns On

Generally, the check engine light will turn off when the engine is running. However, you should suspect a malfunction in the CMP Sensor, if this light continues to flash while the engine is running.

Those are the symptoms of the problem and the function of the CMP Sensor is damaged along with the symptoms that you must recognize, hopefully, it will be useful.

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