5 Easy Steps How to Make Banners with Microsoft Word

How to Make Banners with Microsoft Word

It's not difficult, you can learn how to make a banner with Microsoft Word in just five simple steps.

Teknoto.Net - Banners are generally used to convey welcome remarks, announcements, or slogans to a large number of people.

If you know how to make a banner with Microsoft Word, you can create your own design to better suit your needs.

How to Make a Banner with Microsoft Word

How to make a banner with Microsoft Word is relatively not too difficult to learn.

No need to linger, you can immediately try to do it by applying these five simple steps:

Open Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop and create a new worksheet.

You can do this by clicking the windows icon at the top left of the screen, selecting the new – blank document – ​​create option.

Choose the page layout menu to adjust the size of the Word worksheet (margins, orientation, and size) with the banner you want to print.

This is an important first step so that the design you create later can be printed properly on the banner area.

Generally, banners have a landscape orientation and are relatively large in size

Therefore, you need to set the size of the Microsoft Word worksheet based on the comparison.

For example: for a banner of 1 x 3 meters, you can set a worksheet with a size of 15 x 45 cm.

Inserting an image via the insert menu.

A banner will certainly be more attractive if it is accompanied by an image. You can use a collection of pictures stored on your device or take advantage of the clip art, shapes and SmartArt provided by Microsoft Word.

You are also free to combine more than one kind of image.

So that the location of the image can be more easily arranged, click the image, select the format menu, and position: with text wrapping.

If you want to place one image in front of the other, choose format- text wrapping: in front of the text.

In order for the banner to look more beautiful, you need to pay attention to the alignment of the layout, appearance, and color of the images used.

Enter text via the insert-WordArt menu.

The purpose of using WordArt is to make the text you enter look more clear and attractive.

Choose the WordArt view that you think is suitable, then type the words you want to be included on the banner in the usual way.

Adjust the font type, size, and color of the text so that the overall banner design looks harmonious and neat.

Save the banner design that you have designed safely on your computer or laptop.

This final step may seem very simple, but it should not be forgotten. You certainly do not want the results of your hard work to be in vain, right?

Knowing how to make banners with Microsoft Word is arguably a simple skill that has many benefits.

Now, you no longer need to bother looking for the services of a designer and can make your own designs. Good luck.

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