3 Types and Tools of Today's Printing

3 Types and Tools of Today's Printing

Deep printing is a printing technique that can be applied to almost any printed material. The inner printing tool is different from the tools in other printing techniques. Especially the making of the plate cylinder through an engraving or engraving process.

Teknoto.Net - Inner printing is a technique where the printing plate must go through an engraving or engraving process that results in engraving/relief into, not embossing. 

Inner printing equipment is growing along with the development of deep printing techniques in the modern era.

The following are the types of deep printing and the tools they use.

3 Types and Tools of Today's Printing

There are several types of deep printing that are developing in this modern era. They are rotogravure printing, intaglio printing (cast printing technique), and deep printing for graphic arts. Inner printing is a printing technique that uses a printing plate (image carrier) that is engraved or engraved.

The following are the types and equipment used in printing.

Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure printing is a printing technique that uses a cylinder as a reference for printing flexible materials such as plastic, aluminum, etc.

The cylindrical reference is engraved to form an image that will store the ink that will be printed on the printed material.

Rotogravure is used to print product packaging such as product packaging covered with plastic, such as aluminum-coated food packaging, pouch refill packaging, and so on.

This technique is costly because it is suitable for large volume printing. This technique is also suitable for long material widths so that it is more effective.

The inner printing tools used in rotogravure are:

  1. Cylinder plate as a carrier of the image to be printed on the printed material. Quality cylinders can be engraved for four times image creation.
  2. Engraving tools can use the etching process, which is to form an image with chemical liquids, or use an engraving needle (engraving)
  3. Rakel/doctor blade to clean non-image areas so they don't contain ink
  4. Press cylinder, its function is to press the printed material with a certain pressure so that the image printing process is maximized
  5. Printing materials, materials for rotogravure printing are flexible materials, mostly plastic films.
  6. Ink tanks and ink to accommodate the ink that forms the image.

In the era of home business, rotogravure developed a mini roto printing machine that only prints one color. Suitable for plastic screen printing business for home industry packaging.

Print Intaglio

Intaglio printing is a deep printing technique used to print money. The print, which feels rough to the touch, is one of the original characteristics of banknotes.

Money printing in Indonesia is only done at Perum Peruri. Print money using internal printing equipment and special imported and highly confidential paper and ink materials.

In principle, intaglio printing is the same as rotogravure, which uses engraved cylinders and uses direct printing techniques. 

The difference, as reported by CNN, lies in the printing process which is carried out directly on both sides of the banknote at the same time.

So complicated and secret is printing intaglio for this money, so the process is very closed and not known by unauthorized parties.

Print in for graphic arts

Print in graphic arts is also quite developed in this modern era. The printing principle is the same as rotogravure and intaglio printing. It's just that the plate is not cylindrical but sheet-shaped.

For the formation of engraving on the plate using various techniques, namely engraving, etching, mezzotint, and drypoint techniques. 

Deep prints for graphic arts are in great demand because they produce prints that stand out and can be produced in large or small quantities.

Inner printing equipment used: copper plate or other metal. Some also use acrylic. Carving needles or corrosive chemical liquids, non-image protective coating in the form of wax.

Types of deep printing and deep printing tools continue to develop following the creativity and needs of the industry.

You can even use it as a business opportunity that can help the economy as it is today.

This business is also still very rarely glimpsed by entrepreneurs, so of course, you can use this opportunity and use it to build a new business.

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