2 Apps To Make Banners on Laptops For Free

Applications to create banners on laptops can use image editing software that is used to create printable banners.

Teknoto.Net - Using software to create printable banners can create banners of any dimension. Applications to create banners on a laptop must have a resize tool.

Application To Make Banners on Laptop

Some apps support banner templates. Its function is to simplify the process of making banners. Make some changes according to the needs of the banner design.

The process of designing banners can be done with all applications, with only the help of the mouse to operate it. Here are some applications for making banners on a laptop.


This free printable banner maker app for Windows. This freeware offered application benefits you.


This application is equipped with features that can help design banners easily. The equipment they have to include:

  • Layers
  • Text
  • Filters
  • Edit
  • Import
  • and others


You can follow the steps for using the ArtWeaver application as follows:

  • Create a new canvas.
  • Specify the canvas dimensions.
  • Import image elements, icons, objects, and more.
  • Use layers and the mouse to adjust the imported elements.
  • Once done, use the text tool.
  • You can add paint to choose the writing color.
  • Add filters.
  • The process is complete and saves the design.

Save designs in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and other image formats. This makes it easier for you to print designs.

Microsoft Word

The next application for making banners is Microsoft Word on Windows and Mac operating systems. You can use instant patterns or create them from scratch.


Here are the steps to create a banner using Microsoft Word:

  • Open Microsoft Word with the dark blue letter W logo.
  • Click the Search box.
  • Click File and then select New Template.
  • Type Banners in the search box.
  • The pattern in the database will appear.
  • Choose a pattern and click.
  • The preview page will show the pattern page.
  • Change the Text to your liking.
  • Click Create.
  • To change the font, press the Home button, then select the desired font.
  • Add Watermark

After writing the text, changing the font, font size, and color, you can add a watermark. Follow the steps below:

  • Click designs.
  • Select Custom Watermark.
  • Select Picture Watermark.
  • Click Select Picture, select On My Computer.
  • Click the Scale box and then set the scale.
  • Click OK.
  • Save Design

After all, is done, you must save the design that has been made. Follow these steps:

  • Click Windows.
  • Select File and then click Save As.
  • Double click This PC.
  • Click the save location.
  • Type the name of the banner that has been designed in the File Name box.
  • Click Save.

For Mac operating system, you can follow these steps:

  • Click Files.
  • Select Save As.
  • Enter the banner name in the Save As field.
  • Click Where.
  • Select a storage location.
  • Click Save.

Those are some applications for making banners on laptops that can be used and make it easier for you to design banners.

Besides that, you can also use it as a business opportunity that you can do yourself, either by opening at home or renting a place.

It's very interesting, isn't it, besides being able to make your own designs with the models you want, you can also get new knowledge and useful information.

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