Overcoming Fungus Without the Risk of Damaged Car Glass Due to Fungus

Overcoming Fungus Without the Risk of Damaged Car Glass Due to Fungus

Damaged car windows due to fungal drugs are no longer new, so a solution must be found

Teknoto.Net - In this rainy season, new problems arise. One of them is the windshield that started to get moldy. 

However, using a mildew drug can cause the windshield to be damaged due to the fungus medication.

Because the drug contains chemicals that are quite heavy. It is even believed to be able to overcome the fungus problem on the car well.

Tricks to Avoid Damaged Car Glass Due to Fungus and Other Drugs

Not only humans who need more care when the rainy season occurs. Cars also have to get extra care to stay in top shape when used.

Both the condition of the engine, as well as the exterior of the car. If not cared for, the result will be various difficult problems.

The car is the transportation that is often used as the main choice when you want to travel.

Unfortunately, lack of care or the wrong way of care actually makes the car more problematic.

One of them is the car glass is damaged due to fungus medicine. For that, it takes a clear understanding in order to handle it.

Overcoming Fungus on Car Glass

Mushrooms themselves are the same as dirt that arises because the intensity of the rain is quite high. As a result, spots will appear on the glass that cannot be cleaned.

So that the driver's view becomes blocked. Likewise when there are lights from the car in the opposite direction. The result will be more glare.

Sometimes car owners take shortcuts by using anti-fungal drugs.

This method is known to be effective in cleaning mushrooms, even the very thick ones. But behind that, the windshield will also be crushed.

In the sense that the glass layer also dissolves because of the very strong anti-fungal content.

Many car salon owners avoid using anti-fungal in cleaning car windows.

They actually advise the owner to clean the glass more often to dry after being exposed to water. Either when washed or because of the rain.

Do not leave it too long until mold develops on the windshield. It can even spread to other areas.

Spots on the glass

Another problem that often occurs is the appearance of spots on the glass. This is suspected by the use of antifungal drugs.

A common result is that the glass becomes smoky and annoying when driving at night.

But there are also problems caused by the mistakes of unprofessional glaziers.

You can prevent the windshield from being damaged by mildew by regularly drying the windshield yourself. Before going to the repair shop to fix the problem.

Use a soft cloth and absorb water or commonly called a chamois.

Then you can also use the services of a professional glazier so that the glass is not deformed.

How it turns out that it's not easy to solve the problem of mold on the windshield? Should not be underestimated the fungus problem.

Because many car accidents occur as a result of the view being blocked by fungus or spots attached to the windshield.

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