How to Print Images according to Original Size Easy and Fast

How to Print Images according to Original Size Easy and Fast

It's not easy to print an image according to the original, but how to print an image according to the original size below can be tried.

Teknoto.Net - As technology advances, more and more human work is being helped. One of them is to provide solutions on how to print images according to the original size. Or the image can be enlarged and reduced.

Often when printing photos or images, the results are not the same as the original. Like the size is not appropriate, it can be done manually, namely cutting it. 

However, if you don't want to get tired of cutting, follow the way to print the image to fit the original size below.

How to Print Image According to Original Size

Actually, there is an easy way to print an image according to the original size. Provided you can change the settings on the computer.

All sizes are available, the most important thing is to know the standard sizes that are often used in Indonesia. There are several ways to follow. Here's the review.

AutoCAD Insection Scale Settings

The first way is to know how to set the AutoCAD Insertion Scale. These settings contain settings that can be applied in the previous depiction.

In order to be able to do the settings correctly, then you can follow the tutorial below!

Select the Format menu.

  • Continue by clicking the Units menu.
  • The Drawing Units page will appear
  • To use the unit of measure in the image, you can look in the Insertion Scale menu, Units to Scale Inserted Content.
  • Then several menus for measurements will appear, such as Inches, Unitless, Miles, Feeds, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, and so on.

Paper size

After knowing about measuring images on a computer, next is the paper size and type of paper to be used.

The purpose of the paper arrangement is to help create guidelines according to the use of the paper size. Based on the unit of paper size in the computer.

How to print

Before printing an image, there are several steps to adjust all the settings before the printing process begins. There are several settings that affect the printing process. Like, Offset Plots.

Continue by clicking Center the Plot. The goal is that the image is in the middle of the guideline. Besides Plot Offset, there is one more that affects the printing process. That is Plot Scale.

Click Fit To Paper which aims to set and adjust the guidelines automatically. So according to the paper size required.

How to print an image to scale

Sometimes printing requires an image to be scaled. As in the AutoCAD application, which uses a 1:1 ratio.

So, if the AutoCAD application has a size of 1 meter. Then the result will also remain 1 meter.

There are two ways to print using a scale. That is, using the scale command and setting the size of the auxiliary line. Both can be used in AutoCAD applications.

That's how to print an image according to the original size. There is a slight change in settings. However, if done sequentially, then the result will be as desired.

How, quite easy to do right? Hopefully, the reviews that we have described above can be useful and become the right reference for you. Good luck!

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