How to Make a Good and Right Publisher Invitation Design

How to Make a Good and Right Publisher Invitation Design

How to make an invitation design for a publisher that is good and right, you can do it yourself. You can also create invitation card templates like your own imagination

Teknoto.Net - If you have plans to get married, then you can find out how to make an invitation design for a publisher that is good and right. Successfully printing your own invitation card is indeed more satisfying.

You can use the Microsoft publisher application to design invitation cards according to taste. You can choose many beautiful templates, so just modify with the words.

Here's How to Make Invitation Cards for Good and Right Publishers

Here's how to make an invitation card for a good and right publisher. There are steps in making the invitation card such as:

  • Publisher 2010 by clicking “Invitation Card” in the list of templates. For publishers 2013 and 2016 then click "Default > Invitation Card"
  • Select the desired template, then click publish to view a larger image
  • Before opening the publication, you can modify many of the design elements under “Customize” to choose colors, fonts, business information, or create new ones. Under “Options” to select page and layout
  • Then click "Create"
  • If you don't see a template you like, you can open by returning to the “New” page. Then enter “Invitation Card” in the search box and press ENTER

How to Make an Invitation Card for a Good and Right Publisher and Change Placeholders and Text

How to Change Placeholders

If you don't want the image available in the placeholder, you can replace it as you wish. The steps on how to make an invitation design for a publisher that is good and correct to replace the placeholder are:

  • Placeholder image on right-click, then click “Change Image > Change Image”
  • For the insert image dialog then browse to find the image on your computer, local network, or
  • Repeat other images in the publication if necessary

Adding New Image

While the way to add a new image like this:

  • On the “Insert” tab select a picture option in the “Illustration group” (e.g. “Pictures” or “Online Pictures”).
  • Then search for an existing image on your computer, Bing, or Then click "Insert".

Adding New Text

The way to replace the text in the placeholder with your own words is to click on the placeholder text and then type a message. How to add new text as below:

Click Draw Text Box on the Insert tab

Then on your card, hover over the location where you want one corner of the text to appear. Then click while dragging it diagonally until you get a box of the desired size. Next, click the box to format or type text

Completing Invitation Cards

The card to be printed is set for a certain paper size. For example, if you choose a design with letter-size paper, you will have to make two folds on the paper after the card is printed.

Invitation Card Printing

After all the flow is done, it's time for you to print the card as follows:

  • After the card has been designed, save the file
  • Select “File > Print”, then under “Settings”, you have to make sure the format is fixed. For example “Half sheet side fold, Quarter side fold, or Booklet, Side fold”.
  • Your publication will appear on the page to be printed in the Preview pane section. You can make changes to the printing options such as the number of copies.
  • Then click Print. Print it on plain paper first to make sure that the publication to be printed is as expected. Before you print it on the more expensive invitation paper

With a touch of technology on smartphones, you can do a lot of things yourself. For example, you know how to make an invitation design for a publisher that is good and right.

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