Easy Ways to Make Wedding Invitations in Canva

Easy Ways to Make Wedding Invitations in Canva

There's an easy way to make wedding invitations in Canva that looks like it was designed by an expert. Please try to produce attractive wedding invitations.

Teknoto.Net - The Canva app is in vogue for those who love to design without the need to learn design. One of them is an easy way to create wedding invitations in Canva

The choice of design templates and available elements will allow you to design a beautiful wedding invitation.

For those of you who soon want to hold a wedding or are looking to open a business opportunity to make a wedding invitation letter, of course by taking advantage of the application that you can download for free easily.

Well, here we will provide an easy way to make wedding invitations using the Canva application, let's see!

7 Easy Ways to Create Wedding Invitations in Canva Using Canva Templates

There are two easy ways to create wedding invitations in Canva. The first way is to use a template provided by Canva contributors. Follow these steps if you prefer to use a template that is already available.

Canva Apps

Make sure you have the Canva app on your device. You can download it on the Play Store if you are going to install it on a mobile phone. You can also open Canva on the web version.

Go to Home

Once you've opened Canva's homepage, choose the type of design you want, in this case, an invitation. You can swipe right if that option doesn't exist.

Design Type

You will be given a blank page. On the left, you will see the files you need. Choose a template. There are several design options. Choose a wedding invitation.

Choose a Template

Choose a wedding invitation template that best suits your needs. The main screen will now display your chosen invitation template.


Click the text on the screen. Adjust the information on the template.


Save your design work in the Canva folder. Download the design so that it can be saved in your device folder. Save the downloaded file as PNG or PDF.


Save the design file on the flash drive. You can take it to the printer and print it as many times as needed.

7 Easy Ways to Make Wedding Invitations in Canva with Your Own Design

The second easy way to make wedding invitations in Canva is to create your own design that will stand out from the rest.


Open the Canva App. You can use Canva free with a limited selection of elements. Can also use Canva Pro with all elements usable. The only difference is that you have to pay for a subscription to Canva Pro.


Once Canva's home page opens, select an invitation design type. Swipe right until you see the invitation design options.

Design Type

In this section, choose a blank template. Next, you will be directed to fill in the blank page.


In the file on the left, choose a background color according to your taste. Then, click Elements. Enter in the search field the keyword "Wedding". Choose the image that you want to include in the invitation.


Choose a text type A text file will be in your design. Enter the information you need in the text.


Save the file with a special name. The file will be saved in the Canva folder. To save it on your device, download it in PNG or JPG format.


Save the file on the flash disk then print on the printer according to the number of needs.

Here's an article on how to easily make wedding invitations in Canva. Immediately design your wedding invitation to make it look unique.

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