Easy and No Complicated, Here's How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Easy and No Complicated, Here's How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

It turns out that how to make your own wedding invitations is very easy and fast, although it takes a long time but can give satisfaction, follow the steps as below.

Teknoto.Net - One of the wedding equipment that should not be forgotten is a wedding invitation. Even the prospective bride and groom are expected to know how to make wedding invitations

So that the invitation will be more memorable and different when it comes to other people.

Making your own wedding invitations does take a long time. Therefore, since the wedding ceremony has been decided, immediately make an invitation letter. 

To make it easier, follow the easy way to make an invitation letter below.

How to Make a Simple and Easy Wedding Invitation

There are many benefits when deciding to make your own wedding invitations. In addition to being more cost-effective, the form of the invitation will also be more in accordance with the wishes. To make it easier to make wedding invitations, see how all of them below.

Using apps on the play store

Actually, there are several applications that make it easy to make your own wedding invitations. Like the Canva application, Wedding Invitation Card Maker, Picsart, and so on. 

In it, there are already many examples of invitations whose writings and decorations can be edited or changed.

Determining the background of the invitation letter

After determining the appropriate design, the next step is to determine the background of the wedding invitation. 

Match the color with the writing and design of the invitation. It's better if you only choose a maximum of three colors.

Choose pictures and text

Customize the image and text with the background color of the invitation. If the background color is lighter, try to make the text darker. 

To make the writing easier to read. While the picture must also be in accordance with the desired design.

There are some tips for arranging images and text on invitation letters. Do not use too many images so that it can eliminate the meaning of the invitation. 

Choose the same type of writing, if you want to be different then maximize only 2 kinds.

Define color

Most invitation letters use neutral or muted colors. Choose several colors, but try to use a maximum of 3 colors. The right color will give a different impression to the recipient.

Choose an inviting color that is different from the invitation background. So that the writing in it can be read clearly. 

If you want to create an invitation that looks luxurious and elegant, then use beige or white.

Determine the invitation paper.

After everything is ready, starting with the design, using the background, choosing images, and writing. The next step is to determine the paper that will be used in the invitation letter. 

There are several types of paper that are often used for wedding invitations.

There are various types of paper for invitations. For example, conrode paper is characterized by the presence of line fibers on the entire surface of the paper. 

There is also jasmine paper which is a common paper used for invitations. In addition, there is Samson kraft paper which includes recycled paper, if used, it can give an elegant impression.

Those are some ways to make your own wedding invitations. It does take time to make. However, the result will be more satisfying because you design it yourself. Good luck.

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