Car Chip Scarcity, Burned Chip Factory?

Car Chip Scarcity, Burned Chip Factory?

Car prices are predicted to rise next year due to increased chip prices. Car chip scarcity, chip factory on fire? Of course, the scarcity of chips will slow down the digital world that is used to moving fast.

Teknoto.Net - Chip is a wafer-shaped device that has a very important function in the digital world. Car chip scarcity, chip factory on fire? How does the scarcity of car chips affect human life?

The scarcity of chips this year is suspected for various reasons. Please check the following things that are the cause.

Causes of Scarcity of Car Chips

The car chip is a semiconductor chip, its function can be as a conductor or an insulator depending on the needs of the environment.

Car devices are now so dependent on chips that this scarcity makes manufacturers have to rack their brains.

The following are the causes of the scarcity of car chips, including:

Covid pandemic

The Covid pandemic is the element that makes things worse. The prohibition of crowding and infection of factory employees has made the chip factory even more unmoved. Loading and unloading activities at ports and airports have also been hampered due to the pandemic.

Predictions of falling demand for cars during the pandemic have prompted chip factories to shift production to high-demand electronics.

So now when the demand for cars is back up, car manufacturers are in a panic.

Previously, there was one large car chip factory that had problems other than Covid, namely fire.

Car chip factory fire

Car chip scarcity, chip factory on fire? A fire at a large car chip factory in Japan, which supplies 30 percent of microcontrollers worldwide, was one of the biggest factors.

Although Toyota and Honda have different attitudes, other brands have had a very significant impact.

Samsung also has a chip factory in America, namely in the state of Texas. Texas is experiencing the worst winter ever, causing a car chip factory located around Texas to close its factories and not produce.

How does the scarcity of car chips affect car sales in Indonesia?

Impact of the scarcity of car chips in Indonesia

Indonesia, as one of the countries worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, has not yet felt the impact of the scarcity of car chips.

According to an Indonesian car dealer agent, most of the demand for cars during the pandemic is of the low-end type, which does not require chips. So the impact of the scarcity of new chips will be felt next year.

Car chips are actually widely used in automatic cars that use digital technology. Here is the function of the semiconductor chip in the car

Advantages of cars using semiconductor chips

Cars that use semiconductor chips have various advantages, including:

  • Converting vehicles that depend on mechanical systems into electrical systems. This can extend battery life, reduce carbon emissions, reduce dependence on oil, and make vehicles more efficient.
  • Make it easier for the driver to drive the car. For example, helping to stay on track, helping detect other objects, or preparing airbags for unexpected things.
  • Car connectivity to other devices because modern cars are like computers on wheels. Can function as a computer, hotspot, cellular. Another advantage can prevent accidents, traffic jams, or empty parking lots.
  • Improving security can also be helped by semiconductors. Become an additional camera, blind-spot detection, lane change assistance, sudden brake system, and more.
  • Car chip scarcity, chip factory on fire? Of all the factors above, the automotive world certainly hopes that the situation will return to what it was before the pandemic.

Thus a brief review of the scarcity of car chips that are currently experienced by many large companies. Hopefully, our article is useful and can be the right reference!

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