Advantages of Digital Invitation Printing Machines for Business Owners

Digital Invitation Printing Machine

The rapid development of digital invitation printing machines requires business owners to compete fiercely. The choice of using digital printing is considered more efficient.

Teknoto.Net - The development of the printing press is currently very fast. It is undeniable that the digital invitation printing machine business competition is very tight.

Digital printing is a method of printing using a computer. Then it will be printed using a printing machine.

Types of Digital Invitation Printing Machine

Basically, the digital printing machines that we encounter today are divided into two. What are the types of digital invitation printing machines?

Indoor Digital Printing Machine

This digital printing machine can serve printing needs for results that will be placed indoors. Examples include invitations, stickers, brochures, banners, x-banners, and indoor banners. Indoor digital printing machines can print media with a width of between 24, 42 to 60 inches.

Outdoor Digital Printing Machine

Outdoor digital printing machines are used to serve the needs of large size outdoor advertising prints. For example billboards and banners. The character of this type of machine is that it has a large printer with a width of 2 to 3 meters.

Advantages of Digital Invitation Printing Machine

Business actors prefer digital invitation printing machines to offset printing. Digital machines have several advantages.

Customize Needs

Digital machines can print as needed, either a lot or a little. So you don't have to waste paper and money to print too much. This can be an important point also for business actors.

Save Cost

For promotional needs that require you to print a lot of brochures, using a digital machine will save you a lot of costs. Adjust to your business needs.


When there is a change in the contents of the brochure or poster that will be printed, you are free to change it without changing the design. More efficient and can be done quickly.


Has a faster-estimated print time than offset machines. Precision and print results are almost the same as offset printing results. The speed of the machine depends on the number of images and colors used.

Sharper Color

The various colors produced by digital printing machines are sharper. You can explore more brochure designs to make them more unique with interesting color variations. 

Prints that have sharp colors will be more attractive and look good quality.

Print results are not blurry and there are no fine lines on large paper sizes. Regardless of the number of prints, the image will get the same image precision.

Environmentally Friendly

Using offset printing consumes a lot of ink and requires repeated printing before the production process. Digital printing techniques can directly print on the desired media. So that the ink and materials used are not too much and are not wasted.

The advantages of a digital invitation printing machine are beneficial for those of you who have a business. Promotions can be arranged according to budget, easily and efficiently.

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