5 Causes and Problems Car AC Not Cold

Causes and Problems Car AC Not Cold

There are many causes and problems with your car's AC not cooling down that you should know. You can handle these conditions yourself and some have to be repaired at the workshop.

Teknoto.net - When driving, you must be in a comfortable condition, but there are times when you don't know the cause and the problem with the car's air conditioner is not cold. In fact, if the AC in the car is smooth then you can drive well because you can concentrate.

Including other people in the vehicle, if the AC in the car turns off, of course, you will feel hot. Do not be surprised if, in the end, you will be the talk just because the car air conditioner is not adequate. If that's the case, of course, you have to be sensitive and find out what are the causes and problems with the car air conditioner not cold.

Of course, you are not curious about the causes and problems that often occur in car air conditioners? Well, here is some information that you can use as a reference to find out the cause of a damaged car air conditioner. Come on, see the reviews!

Causes and Problems Car AC Not Cold and How to Overcome It

Use and care for the vehicle in a good way so that it is not easily damaged. You must know the causes and problems of the AC not cold and the solution.

 Freon Out or Less

The cause of the car air conditioner is not being cold is because the refrigerant or freon runs out as a cooling tool for the car air conditioner. The reason could be because there is a leak in the AC system such as in the evaporator, condenser, o-ring seal connection, or other AC components. The problem of the AC not being cold should not be left for long. Immediately go to the repair shop to repair it. The faster the handling, the faster the problem of the AC that is not cold is resolved.

AC Filter Clogged

Just like the air conditioner at home, the car also has an AC filter. The AC filter itself has a function to filter all types of dust and dirt. Even though the air conditioner is turned on, if the filter is clogged, the air will not come out of the blower. Even the car air conditioner doesn't seem to work and doesn't feel cold. Therefore, you must clean the filter section of the dust and dirt regularly.

Extra Fan Motor Dead or Weak

If the extra fan motor has a problem, for example, it turns off or spins but is weak. This condition causes the condensation process in the condenser to not function optimally. This causes no cold air to enter the cabin. The solution is to replace it with a new extra fan.

Dirty Evaporator

The fourth problem that causes and problems with the car air conditioner is not cold namely, the evaporator is dirty because it is clogged with dust. This condition makes the circulation of the air conditioner not smooth because it is blocked by dirt that clogs. The dirt is dust that cannot be filtered out by the filter or because there is too much dust attached to the filter. You can clean it so that the air conditioner functions normally again.

Dirty Condenser

The condenser is located near the radiator so that position often invites a lot of dirt that enters while driving. The condenser is dirty due to mud or other objects causing the condensation process to be not optimal. As a result, the AC system is disrupted. You have to clean the dirt so that the air conditioner works properly.

The air conditioner does not work because of many factors such as running out of freon, clogged filter, dead or weak extra fan motor, and so on. You have to understand what causes and problems the car air conditioner is not cold so you know the solution.

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