Steps to Make PowerPoint

Teknoto.Net - Steps to Make PowerPoint, PowerPoint is indeed widely used as a program that can help users in making presentations. And as time goes by and technological advances are growing rapidly, now this program made by Microsoft has also presented interesting features to make your presentation materials more slick and memorable for the audience.

So, is there a way to make PowerPoint more interesting and better listened to during class presentations, meetings, or other work? Of course, there is, let's just look at the explanation of the Steps to Make PowerPoint from us below.

Initial Steps for Making a PowerPoint Presentation

For those of you who are curious about the steps for making PowerPoint, below I will share at least some of the initial steps for making PowerPoint.

Choose a Theme

When you open the PPT program, you will see several default themes and templates. A theme is a slide design that includes letters, special effects, and matching colors such as shadows, reflections, and so on.

To choose a theme in PPT 2013, then do the following steps:

In the file tab, click new

Choose the theme that you will use by category. When you click on one of these options, the PPT will tell you to review the theme with four color variations to choose from on the right side

Click create to start making presentations

Add Text Content

To add text content to your presentation slides, in your PPT slide, select a text box or placeholder and start entering your material. You can also change the font format, font size for text, and the font on your slides.

Add Image Content

Next, you can add contacts on your PowerPoint slides with picture shapes, and choose a slide layout that has the Insert Picture option. In addition, you can also add images on the insert menu. Then click insert picture and select the image that you insert on your presentation slide.

Add Content Shape (Shape), Graphics (Chart). SmartArt Graphics, Tables, Video

 You can also add PowerPoint slide content with Share shapes, Charts, Tables, Videos, and SmartArt by selecting Slide Layouts that have these options. In addition, you can also add it via the insert menu. In the Insert menu, select Picture, SmartArt, Shape, or Chart and enter your presentation content. Add Animation Effects

In the Animations menu, click the text box or placeholder to which you want to animate. Don't forget to add animation effects on each of your PowerPoint slides.

In the Transitions menu, you can also add animation effects to each PowerPoint slide page shift.

Enter New Slide

In the Home menu, please click on the bottom of the New Slide and select a Slide Layout that is suitable for the content you will insert on your slide.

Review Presentation View

In the Slide Show menu section, in the Start Slide Show group

Continue clicking Form Beginning if you want to display a PPT presentation starting from Slide 1

Then click From Current Slide if you want to review your PPT presentation in the position where your slide number is.

Thus the review of the information above may be useful for all of you.

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