Manual Excel Formulas What You Should Know

Teknoto.Net - Manual Excel Formulas What You Should Know, Most people don't think that using Microsoft Excel is easy some of them find it complicated when faced with making formulas with Excel. It's only the beginning because once you get used to it, everything will be easy. This also often happens when you are just starting or have not used Excel for a long time.

Indeed, using Microsoft Excel itself you can use the same as doing mathematical calculations. There are several calculation steps you just need to change to the formula version of that formula. Well, even though you're wondering is there a Manual Excel Formula that can be easily understood? Then you are on the right page! Because on this occasion we will share at least a discussion about the Microsoft Excel Manual formula.

Manual Excel Formulas You Should Know

Manual Excel Formulas With VBA Code

VBA code or often called Add-ins here you can install first by disabling Security Macros, and there are several steps as follows:

• First select the tab that is available at the top of Microsoft Excel

• Second, you can click Options

• And thirdly in the Excel Options window, you can find the Trust Center tab

• Fourth, please click the Trust Center Setting menu

• Continue by looking for the words Macro Settings and click Enable All Macros

• Finally click OK twice

If you have turned it off, then you are ready to download Add-ins TO Excel, and here's how:

• First you select the Microsoft Excel file

• Second tap Options

• The three Add-ins menu tabs in the opened Excel options window

• And continue on the Manage section by pressing the Go button. Then select the Browse button in the Add-ins window that has appeared

• Furthermore, the Add-ins file can be run by giving a check in the file

• Then click OK

Excel Manual Numerical Formulas Writing Numbers

If you have connected the Add-ins on your computer, then Excel will easily carry out its duties by converting numbers into sentences. Here's the formula:

• Formulas can be written, equal to (=) counted (B3)

• Also make sure that you sign = because this is a mandatory sign-in excel formulas. In the formula above, you can already convert numbers into numbers with a sentence in cell B3.

Manual Excel Formulas Change Numbers to Capital and Lowercase Letters

= UPPER (Uncountable (B3))

• The results shown in the cell, for example, become “ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED THREE FIVE” and vice versa, if you want to convert it to lowercase, you just need to write this formula.

=LOWER(Amount (B3))

• If you want to make an article by capitalizing only the front, then you can use a formula like this.

=PROPER(Amount (B3))

• Of the many ways that have been proposed, you can use these various formulas with various uses.

Manual Excel Formulas to Convert Prices to Rupiah

In changing the nominal in finance, you can also add rupiah/RP by using this formula:

• Equal to = uncountable (B3) and Rupiah

• Write this formula and click enter, and it will automatically write the same letter as the number you have created.

That's a simple formula from the Excel Manual that you can try to make your work easier.

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