How to Make a PPT Presentation

Teknoto.Net - How to Make a PPT Presentation, Power Point has indeed become one of the programs launched by Microsoft which is generally the most widely used to make presentations in various forms. Users can create powerpoints on Mac, PC, or mobile devices. And to make a good and memorable presentation from PowerPoint is very easy.

In the current era of development, of course, it can be said that almost everyone has tried with presentations. Whether it's delivering community meetings, business meetings, or class materials. All of those moments, of course, have to make a presentation in front of an audience. Therefore, it is important to know how to make an effective presentation for the audience. And lucky for you, as users, you can add text, videos, images, and also various other interesting designs for making PowerPoint.

Then how do you make a PPT Presentation that is effective, attractive, and good? The following are ways to make presentations that you can try to get effective, interesting, and good results.

How to Make a PPT Presentation

As discussed at the beginning of the review above, PPT is a program made by Microsoft that is widely used by most people, both in conducting class presentations, meetings, and so on. There is also a presentation that captivates many audience is a presentation that is interesting and comfortable to watch.

And to get this interesting PPT presentation, you can try the following ways:

How to Make a Presentation in PPT

First, you can open PowerPoint then select the Blank Presentation option to make a presentation at the beginning and continue to choose one of the templates you want. If users want to know the features and tools in PowerPoint, then choose to Take a Toured and select Create to see tips for using PowerPoint.

The Right Way to Add Slides in PPT

Second, you can select the slide that the user wants the new slide to follow, then select Home>New>Slide>Select Layout and also select the type of slide you want from the drop-down menu.

How to Add Text

To add text, you can place the cursor where you want it and write it. Select the text and select the options on the Home tab, Font Size, Italic, Bold, and Underline. To create a bulleted or numbered list, select text and select Bullets or numbering.

How to Add Images, Charts, or shapes

Then select insert at the top to add an image and click the select picture then browse to the image you want to use, then click insert. And to add art or charts, shapes, and more, please select the Shapes, SmartArt, Icons, or Chart options and choose what you want for PowerPoint.

Show Number of Slides

Not only that, to get a good and good presentation, of course, it must be effective for its delivery. And so that the message can be conveyed well and the audience's attention is not turned away, then keep the number of slides in the presentation as much as possible.

Also, try to convey and explain what will be given by you to be a good and important factor in this matter. The ability to attract the interest of the audience is needed to make a presentation successful in attracting the attention of many people.

For those of you who are still beginners and want to make presentations, then you can follow the method above to make presentations in PowerPoint which has been described above.

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