How to Make Interesting PowerPoint Point

 Teknoto.Net - How to Make Interesting PowerPoint Point, The program made by Microsoft is second to none, even as the times and technology advances are increasingly rapid, Microsoft has launched its best features again. Even now, if we want to make calculations easier, Microsoft has presented a counter application, namely Microsoft Excel and now Microsoft PowerPoint is increasingly attracting attention with the interesting features it provides.

Well, for those of you who have school assignments or campus assignments and office work using PowerPoint, but you want it to look more different and look attractive from the others. So on this good opportunity, we will share at least a discussion about How to Make Attractive PowerPoints that can make your presentation the most different and captivate the audience.

How to Make Interesting PowerPoint Point

Slide Layout

First, here you will be directed to pay attention to slide layouts such as images or text. Try not to put images or text that do not fit in the contents of the slide. Make evenly and according to what will be conveyed later. Also, make sure that the images in it are related and are in one unit. Not only that but also pay attention to the contrast on each slide which will later be presented to make it look more interesting and different.


The slides that you make must also be as attractive as possible and have an important message from each slide that you want to present, especially on the opening slide. In this opening slide, try to make it look like the cover of a book or magazine. Because by making interesting slides, surely the audience will be captivated to know what message will be conveyed.

When making PowerPoint slides, the important part is that you need to know the formula for one idea, one slide, and one message. Also, pay attention to the colors in the fonts that are appropriate for the theme to be used and the contents on the slides to remember the basic importance so that the presentation can be easier when delivered.


Generally, people are easier to remember pictures when compared to writing. So for that, fill in what will be displayed on the slide with pictures or diagrams. This is intended to attract the attention of the audience and make it easier for them to understand. But it is also necessary to include text on the slide, and try to make it with good visualization.

Slide Usage Flow

In this case, what you need to know is how we can make slides. Whether everything is continuous or not from one slide to another. And to produce good slides, you also need to be creative in every step with the aim that each slide made has a clear and orderly flow, both the opening slides and explanations and closings.

Take Advantage of the PowerPoint Builder Site Pembuat

Not only using the method above, but you can also use the original design on PowerPoint, here you can use the PPT maker site as one of the right forms to making attractive PowerPoint presentations.

So, those are some of the right ways to make interesting power points for presentations that have been explained by us above. Hopefully, the above method can help you in making an interesting and memorable PPT for the audience.

Thus we end the exposure of the above review, good luck, and enjoy the satisfying results.

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