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Teknoto.Net - Excel Vlookup Formulas, In this era of developing times, technology support plays an important role in helping the learning and working process, one of which is Microsoft Excel. Yes, the application on this computer is indeed familiar to all of us, because we know exactly what this application looks like. And to operate it in general, Excel has formulas to make it easier to manage every data that is done. One of the frequently used formulas is “Vlookup”.

What is the Vlookup formula and what are the complete specifications? Let's just take a look at our explanation below about the Excel Vlookup Formula that you can learn at home.

What is an Excel Vlookup Formula?

The Vlookup formula is a formula in Microsoft Excel that is generally used to retrieve a value in a source table which will later be used as a reference in a table that is being analyzed. This formula itself is very popular because most people think this formula is a basic formula that needs to be learned if you work in a company by relying on the excel program.

Using the excel lookup formula can be an alternative when we have difficulty using the IF function with many conditions and criteria.

How to Write Excel Vlookup Formulas



• Vlookup = Vlookup formula to retrieve data vertically

• Lookup_value= is the value of the result which will be matched with the value in table_array

• Table_array= is the source to be input data

• Col_index_num= is a column number in table_array

• Range_lookup= one of the search methods in the TRUE source table you can write “1” or FLase which you can write “0”

Using the Vlooup Formula Rumus

In the above review there we will be asked to fill in the salary and bonus fields by taking from the data in the source array by using the lookup function. In the table above, we can also see the analysis first before finally writing the formula for the salary and bonus column. There are also things you need to know from this formula, among others:

• Lookup_value: is the item on the left in the array table and this case is the group column whose value will be matched.

• Column_index_number: is a method that starts in the leftmost column to the right.

• Range lookup: is a way of searching for data, the value is between True and False. If we use false, it means that if the data in the array table is not found or there is no match, then a N/A error will be displayed, but if we use TRUE here, when the data is not found, the closest value will be displayed indirectly.

How to Get Started with Vlookup Formulas

There are four pieces of information needed to build the Vlookup syntax.

1. First you need to find the value you want or commonly called the search value

2. The second is where the value for the search is located. Keep in mind, friends, that the lookup value needs to be in the first column with the range for Vlookup to work properly.

3. The third is the column number that is in the range with the contents of the return value.

4. Finally, if we look at it from an optional point of view, here we can specify TRUE if we want a close result or FALSE if we want a similar result from the return value. Even if you don't specify anything, the default value will always be TRUE or the result will be close.

Thus the review above, hopefully, useful and see you again

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