Excel IF formula What you need to know

Teknoto.Net - Excel IF formula What you need to know, For those of you who work as an office worker, you must be familiar with the term Microsoft Excel! Yes, most people who work in offices generally use the Excel program to process various types of data in the form of numbers. This program is a part of the Microsoft Office application program made by Microsoft which is specifically intended as an office document processing program.

Well, if we discuss Microsoft Excel, of course, you are already familiar with the name Excel IF formula? Yes, one of the widely used formulas in Excel. So what does the real Excel IF Formula look like? Let's see the full discussion below

The Excel IF formula is?

The IF formula is a formula that can provide a result based on the evaluation process in a certain logical condition. There are two possible outcomes in the evaluation process, namely true (true) or false (false). IF itself will provide results based on the true and false of the material.

Uses of the IF Rumus Formula

• The usefulness of the IF formula is to provide the results contained in the process of evaluating the logical conditions that we have entered as input in it.

The Result of the IF. Formula

• The results obtained from the IF formula are certain data or processes based on whether or not the input of our logical conditions is correct.

The Excel version of the IF formula can start to be used

• IF can be used on excel users since version 2003.

How to Write and Input

Below is one of the most common forms for writing the IF formula in Excel.

=IF(logical_test,value_if_flase, value_if_true)

And here is this explanation:

• Logical test= is a form of the logical condition that you will evaluate with the IF formula. The results of this evaluation can later determine the results you will get from your IF formula.

• Value if true= optional with the result of IF if the logical condition you pass to it proves to be true. Even if you do not provide input in this place, the result can be a logical value of TRUE.

• Value if false= optional with result in IF if the logical condition you provide in it proves to be false. If you don't provide input here, the final result will be a logical value that is Flash.

Writing Steps

There are several steps in writing the IF formula in Excel from the beginning to the end. Here's more:

1. Type = (equal to) in the cell where you want to put the IF result

2. Type IF with lowercase or uppercase letters and a minus sign after = (equals)

3. The three input logical conditions that you will evaluate to determine the result of the IF and input, (comma)

4. Enter the IF result if the logical condition evaluates to true / True then enter the sign, (,)

5. Enter the results of the IF if the logical condition has been evacuated incorrectly (Flash)

6. Type the closing parenthesis

7. And press the enter key

8. Then done

That's all we can describe on this occasion about the IF formula in Microsoft Excel that you must master. Good luck trying the IF formula above, hopefully, it will be useful, and see you again.

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