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Teknoto.Net - Excel Formulas for Admin, Microsoft excel, is an application that must be mastered by office administration. The existence of this software made by Microsoft has made it easier for us to control and process data more simply and also faster. So don't be surprised if this application is a spreadsheet pioneer in the office world.

It doesn't stop here, in Microsoft Excel itself, there are lots of functions or formulas that can help us process data. And so that we are more proficient in using Excel, you must know it is very important to master all the existing formulas. By understanding all the basic excel formulas then that is enough. So what are the most frequently used Excel Formulas for Admin? This is the answer!

Frequently Used Excel Formulas For Admin


• Usefulness of the SUM formula is to help the addition. With the separator (,) you can add up the numbers per column. Meanwhile, with a separator, (: ) you can add up the numbers in a range, for example in a row of column A.


• As for Count, its use is almost the same as SUM, except that it has a different function to calculate the number of numbers in a range, row, or column. And keep in mind, yes, counting the number is not adding up. COUNT itself does not only count the number of existing numbers, so characters other than numbers will not be included in the count.


• The count function is almost similar to the Count function, except that this formula function can count other characters including letters and symbols that are related in a range, row, or column.


• Trim acts as a counter to the excess space in a cell.


• LEN acts as a formula to count the number of characters in a cell. Spaces are also included in the count.


• Average is a formula that can be used to calculate the average value of a set of numbers in a range. Similar to SUM and Count is as a basic function.


• MAX is the role of finding the highest value for a range. While MIN acts as finding the smallest value.


• IF is usually the most widely used for logical functions. As is the case, when you calculate the sales target. If it reaches above GBP 500,000 then the target has been achieved, otherwise, the sales target will not be achieved. So, it is important to master the IF formula because this formula always meets this kind of case.


• Concatenate plays a role in combining characters for various cells to become one cell.


• MID is a formula that plays a role in separating characters in a cell that can start with the character in the middle. While RIGHT acts as a character separator in a cell that begins with the right character. And for the Left formula itself, acts as a character separator in one cell starting with the leftmost character.

Vlookup and Hlookup

• Vlookup is a formula whose role is to find and compare data in the reference table in a vertical form, which means that it refers to the data in the left column. While hlookup has a similar use, the difference is that HLOOKUP is done horizontally by referring to the top row of data. These two formulas also have a role that can help us in working on and combining 2 different data with the same material.

Thus the above review may be useful for all friends.

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