Damage to Computers and Solutions

Teknoto.Net - Damage to Computers and Solutions, Most computer users, both laptops and PCs, must have experienced a problem with the device. Ranging from ordinary problems to damage caused by intentional or unintentional.

If you often experience problems or even damage to your computer, then in this good opportunity we will share a summary of Computer Damage and the Right Solution to solve problems that occur on your PC. Immediately, we see the full explanation below!

Damage to the computer and the solution that you must know

Computer Won't Boot

The solution:

• Before deciding to service when there is damage to the computer, it's good for you to recognize the beep sound: 1 beep is a sign that the computer is in good condition, 1 long beep is a problem with memory, 1 long beep and 3 short beeps are damage to the VGA card, 1 long beep and 2 short beeps are a sign that the DRAM parity beep is damaged and if there is a continuous beep it means that the memory module has been damaged.

• Next, the first step that can be done is to check it with diagnostic software such as Sisoft Sandra, PC mark05, PCmark04, and others.

Computer Often Hangs

The solution:

• Triggered because the software crashed, try pressing ctrl alt+del >> click end task in the program that is (not responding)

• Next try pressing the restart button on the CPU

• If the damage is caused by a hardware conflict, then conflicts between hardware often occur in the Windows operating system

• Reinstall windows, but keep in mind also that before you reinstall, first remove your new hardware

• Run the "add new" hardware facility in the control panel

Keyboard Not Recognized by Computer

The solution:

• Try to check if the keyboard is installed properly

• If you have, but it's still not detected, then there is a possibility that your keyboard has a problem

• Try replacing the keyboard, if it has been replaced but the problem persists, it's most likely that the keyboard port on your MB has been damaged

• And if it has been replaced with a new keyboard but still has problems, then replace it with a USB keyboard and if it is not detected, please check the windows system

Computer Won't Turn On

The solution:

• First, try to check the cable connection first by going from the power outlet to the PC power button

• Second, try to check again whether the stabilizer is working or not

• Continue, by checking the power cable on the CPU

• And if it still won't turn on too, most likely the problem is with the power supply or MB

Dark Monitor When Loading

The solution:

• This is generally caused by the driver setup on the monitor is not installed properly or the frequency setting is too high

• You can try to enter into safe mode first by pressing the F8. key

• Then reinstall the VGA driver

Slow Computer


• Insufficient memory

• Hard drive detected a virus or hard drive full

The solution:

• Add memory

• Replace the hard drive with a bigger one or scan or

• Reduce the contents of the hard drive

So those are some of the most common computer crashes and the right solutions to fix them. If you experience some of the problems above, don't panic, friends, because you can try some of the solutions above to overcome them. That's all from us, hopefully, the information above is useful.

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