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Teknoto.Net - Best Free Web Design Sites, In an era that is all sophisticated and technology is increasingly advanced, have you ever thought about how to create an easy free website? Even if you don't have the expertise and knowledge in programming languages, is it possible to create your website?

Questions like this are often heard and many are also complained of by most ordinary people who want to create their website but have no expertise at all in making a website. So what can we do?

This is good news for those of you who want to create your website but are constrained by complicated programming languages, the good news is, we have provided the 7 Best Free Web Design Sites that you can try to create the website you want. Let's just look at the full explanation below!

7 Best Free Web Design Sites

Strikingly Website

Strikingly is a website builder that can make it easier for beginners or people who don't have coding skills to create professional and attractive websites.

Jimdo Website

Jimdo is a website-building site that you can rely on. With a capacity of 500MB, Jimdo offers easy and practical experience in creating websites. Here you can create a website page by placing some photos, videos, or text.


Siteinspire is a gallery of web design examples. This site has hosted more than 7000 sites, so you can find new ideas. This site is also very easy to operate and this website also has useful futures such as various filters available, membership account registration, creator directory

Website SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is a free website creation site specifically for those of you who want to create an instant website automatically and more easily. With this site, you don't need to understand complicated coding to create the desired website. This site also provides an appearance with an attractive and professional design and is suitable for creating any website logo.

Weebly website

This one site is a site that is no less good and of course free. Weebly website is a site that offers website creation with a free subdomain, an unlimited number of pages can be used to create an online store and unlimited hosting capacity. With the widget format feature on this site, users can easily create web pages with just a click.

Website 123

Site 123 is a free web-building site that is here to help you change everything you know about web builders. It is the perfect alternative for personal or corporate internet users who provide tools that take advantage of the previous design and coding experience. So with this, you can handle it without having to hire professionals. Not only that, a sophisticated wizard with instant style and layout will help you set up a perfect and practical online presence without any hard work.

IM Creator Website

IM Creator is a website for someone who wants to create a website for business, events, or himself. But do not have expertise in the field of HTML programming. This product can make it easier for you to start from building a site to buying a domain.

So it's so easy isn't it to create or design your web? Let's use one of the sites above to make your web design more attractive.

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