A Programmer's Workplace in Indonesia

Teknoto.Net - A Programmer's Workplace in Indonesia, In today's digital era, of course we all can feel the many conveniences that we can enjoy and one of them is the sophistication of technology that makes all activities easier. With the development of technology that is increasingly rapidly making work in the field of programmers requires many newcomers who are able to apply it to become perfect results.

Well, for those of you who have the ability in the programming field and are interested in working in the IT field, then there are several Programmer Workplaces in Indonesia that are suitable for you to try. We have summarized the full description below.

Getting to Know the Programmer Profession

Programming is a profession that has been occupied by some people who make programs with the Software Engineering specification sheet. When creating a program, there are several parts that need attention to be translated into a programming language with a certain code so that it becomes a command on the computer in carrying out the task.

There are also programming languages ​​that need to be understood, including HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Python and so on. If the program has been completed, it is the programmer's job to ensure that the program can operate properly. Programmers can also perform various tests by estimating all cases that have occurred because the computer was unable to operate when it encountered an error. So it is important for programmers to be friendly with errors. Because, every time you open the program there is always trial and error.

Programmer Workplaces in Indonesia


• Blogging has become a daily meal for programmers. In addition to making easy blogs, blogging has now become a means of education in sharing coding skills. Especially in the era of developing times, most people search for information through search engines. So don't be surprised if blogging is a place of work for programmers to earn a fairly large salary.


• Webinar is one of the jobs of a programmer which is done through blogs. Armed with programming skills, you can share tricks and tips that can benefit your audience. This will certainly make yourself known as a programmer. That way more and more people are also interested in seeing the webinar.

Web Developer

• If you are a programmer and have a blog with a unique design, visitors will be amazed by your design. So this can generate interest from them to ask you to make their blog. This can of course be an opportunity for you to sell your services as a web developer. You can show this on your blog if you have expertise in other programming.

Online Mentoring

• Imagine a mentor working in programming with an editor at a writing. There is a lot of mentoring that is needed by novice programmers or general people who are interested in learning programming. There you can start work by giving directions so that the coding work done by them is correct. Mentoring can also be your side job online. The promotion method is also easy, you can use the online method to make it more known to the wider community.

So those are some workplaces that can be used as business opportunities for those of you who have expertise in programming. Thus we end the above review, hopefully useful and thank you.

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