7 Video Editing Applications on PC that You Must Know

Teknoto.Net - Video editing applications via PC generally have qualified system requirements. Even if the computer or laptop used has ordinary hardware, there is a very small possibility to use the application. Even so, several applications offer a lightweight system that can be used by anyone.

Well, to find out what are the best and free PC video editing applications that you can use, then on this good occasion we will share 7 Video Editing Applications on PC that you must know.

You can also use this Best PC video editing application for free and some are paid. But to find out more details about the recommendations for video applications that you can use, then just take a look at it in full below.

7 Best Video Editing Apps on PC

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a video editing application, was launched by the Adobe company, which is famous for being very skilled at launching editing applications. There are also advantages of this application, among others, being able to use all assets and the editing process can be carried out easily because it is equipped with powerful features.

2. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is one of the free and quite capable video editing applications. Not only that, but this video editing application also has a size that is not so large, so when used it will feel lighter. The advantages of this application include being able to edit videos with interesting effects and you can also add audio elements to videos. In addition, this application is also of the All In One type, so with just one software, you can do video editing perfectly.

3. Windows Movie Maker

As one of the default applications from Windows PCs that we can use to save standard videos. These applications are generally self-installed and can be used as editing tools. The features offered are also very simple, including cutting to merging video and media. The rest you can save and choose the output format as needed.

4. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Corel itself is an application that you can use for free for 30 days. This video editing application also has advantages, including having many of the best features for perfectly modifying videos and images. In addition, the advantages of this video editing application are also able to provide masking in certain videos. With a fairly large collection, it can make it easier for you to edit videos as you wish.

5. iMyFone Film Video Editor

To be able to master this one application you need to learn its 3 best features, namely:

• fast editing: you can watch videos quickly but the results are still satisfying

• basic editing: video cutting tool and merging videos and media into one

• advanced editing: the best feature to add multiple media to a layer by overlapping. And add animation and narration to a video scene

6. HitFilm Pro

This application is devoted to video editing used in filmmaking. By having a good function, so that the results given are even more perfect. Some of the features and effects that are presented are also not half-hearted, starting from standard editing to 3D elements.


This last video editing application is an application with the most complete features and can be used for free. The advantage of this application is that it can facilitate the video editing process. Moreover, the interface design in this application is very intuitive and simple. Beginners can also use it easily and this application does not have a watermark affixed, so the video will look more professional.

So much for the discussion above, thank you very much and hopefully, it will be useful.


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