7 Coding Applications on Android that are Often Used

Teknoto.Net - 7 Coding Applications on Android that are Often Used, Android coding applications are currently being sought after by most people who want to start making Android applications. Even if we search on the internet, we can easily find applications that can be used to start the Android coding process.

What if you have been making or writing coding with computer devices, then along with the development of the technology world, this coding writing can be done from an Android smartphone. Curious about what applications you can use for code ing on Android? Let's see our discussion below regarding 7 Coding Applications on Android that you must have.

7 Best Coding Apps on Android

1. Solo Learn

• Solo Learn is a Coding learning application that has a collection of free content. In this application, we will be welcomed by members of the community of good and friendly coders. There are also programming languages ​​studied including Kotlin, Java, Python, Git, PHP, SQL, Ruby, and many more.

2. Codepeeker

• Codepeeker can now be accessed directly with ease, what's interesting about this application is that it can help you learn easily and understand how to solve problems in coding.

3. Mimo

• Mimo is an application that we can use in learning to code easily and comfortably when learning with the application. Mimo itself was created as a learning shortcut especially for you with small steps that fit into your daily routine and can motivate you. There are more than 5 million potential coders who have used this application. and there are also several programming languages ​​that we can understand, including HTML, CCS, JavaScript, Swift, Java, and many more.

4. Programming Hero

• Programing Hero is the best application for learning coding that can be said to be the most comfortable. here we can help a game while learning to code. There are also the advantages of using programming heroes including being able to publish code, there is instant assistance, structure learning, data, OOP, Algorithms, applying programming concepts after learning, and much more.

5. Programming Hub

• Programming Hub is the best coding learning application and has been downloaded more than 10 000 000 in the world. This application is also able to help us learn to code like an expert and we will also enjoy the learning process like playing a game. With the availability of more than 5000 sample code programs, plus 20 programs and the fastest compiler, all our learning needs will be easier because they have been summarized in this one application.

6. Aide

• Aide is an application for a code editor and the interesting thing about this application is, it was created to develop various types of Android applications with smartphone devices. So by maximizing all positions in the use of this Aide, it gives perfect results.

7. Disorder

• Finally, Disorder is one of the most powerful Android coding applications. This application is not touted as an alternative application for those of you who often carry out high mobility so that they can learn programming only from the application. The disorder is also able to provide easy and complete learning facilities. so that is not impossible if you can understand and learn programming languages ​​from C and Ruby.

So, those are 7 applications that we can recommend to all of you if you want to learn coding by understanding programming languages ​​and advanced features in these applications. Good luck, good luck, friends.

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