7 Best Logo Editing Apps

Teknoto.Net - 7 Best Logo Editing Apps, For those of you who don't have design skills, you will certainly experience difficulties when creating a slick logo design with complicated software, right? But don't worry, because now you can create a logo with just a smartphone, which is easy and of course you don't need to learn special design skills.

On this good occasion, we will provide some of the best recommendations regarding the 7 Best Logo Editing Applications that you can try easily and of course for free.

You can use this application that we recommend for various needs according to your wishes. For example, as an application to create and export squad logo, which is currently being loved by most people. Or it can also be used as an application to create a logo for your online shop if you are starting an online business. It doesn't take long, let's just take a look at the explanation below.

7 Best Logo Editing Applications You Must Know


 Canva is one of the best logo maker apps. You can start with a blank canvas or import a design you already have. Apart from that, you can add text, elements, photos, and more.

Logo Maker by Shopify

 Logo Maker by Shopify is a simple and free logo design app. This app works well for the price tag. Here you can create shapes, add icons and colors and add text. This app also guides you through the process in a logical way.


 Palette is the most attractive logo design application. This app doesn't just make a logo or something fancy. Rather this app can help you find colors. You can take a picture of something and this app will notify you of all the colors along with the respective hex code with that you can produce them here.

Iris Logo Maker

Iris is the ultimate logo maker app. This application will perform many of the same things in logo creation, including shapes, backgrounds, textures, stickers, colors, and graphic elements.

Logo Maker Plus

Logo maker plus is a very popular logo maker application. This application can provide you with the most complete editor, here you can add graphics, change colors and perform various other tricks. Here also have available several graphic elements for free.

Logo Maker Esport Premium

This application has been supported by more than 600 of the best logo templates that you can use for free. Not only that but there are also several premium logos templates that you can not only make payment options.

3D Logo Maker

For those of you who want to create a 3D logo or three-dimensional effect, it is mandatory to use this application. With this 3D logo creation application from Wild Dev Labs, it can make it easier for you to create unique and attractive designs using text or other icons. 3D Logo Maker itself has a series of elements, both logo templates, text, and backgrounds. You can also export the results in JPEG and PNG formats.

So, are you still confused about what kind of logo is interesting and not boring for most people to remember? Let's just download one of the applications above that can help your needs in designing a simple anti-complicated logo only with Android and of course it's free!

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