50 Excel formulas, Microsoft Excel

Teknoto.Net - 50 Excel formulas, Microsoft Excel, who doesn't know this application made by Microsoft? Of course, everyone is familiar with the applications found on this one computer.

For those of you who are looking for a complete set of formulas from Microsoft Excel in all calculation functions. So this time you are at the right time. Because on this occasion we will share 50 Excel Formulas that are useful for all of you.

Microsoft Excel and its Functions

Before we discuss the excel formulas that have been discussed above, it's good if we first know what Microsoft Excel is and also the functions of this application to get to know and understand it better.

Microsoft Excel Is?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that was successfully developed by Microsoft as an operating system for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Mac OS X. In Microsoft Excel itself there are a lot of various features that are presented such as graphs, tables, calculations, and others. What makes it even more interesting is that Excel has functions that can help simplify and speed up work and tasks.

Functions Using Microsoft Excel

So, it's clear what Microsoft Excel's performance is like? And so as not to be more curious, we will also discuss what the functions of this smart application are like:

1. Data Management

As a smart application, excel is also capable of managing data. The data management in question is the management of the statistical database, looking for the average mean value, calculating the data, and finding the maximum and minimum values ​​in one of the data.

2. Graphics Creation

Excel also plays an important role in graphing, a simple example is a graph of the development of student computer scores in five years, a graph of student visits to the library within one year, a graph of student graduation for 10 years, a graph of population development for one year and so on.

3. Mathematical Calculations

This calculation is used to find a date on a result of addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and other variations.

4. Accounting field

As for the accounting field, excel plays a role in calculating the amount of profit/loss from the company, calculating employee salaries, looking for profits in one year, and so on.

5. Operation table

In the number of rows written in excel with a value of 1,084,576 and a column of 16,385, that way it will not be difficult to input data that requires a large number of columns in rows.

50 Excel Formulas You Should Know

Financial Functions Rumus Formulas

• Yieldmat

• Yielddisc

• Yield

• Xirr

• Accent

• Acrintm

• Amorlinc

• Coupdaybs

• Coupdays

• Coupdaysnc

Formulas of Logical Functions

• IF


• IF






• OR


Formula Date and Time Functions

• Date

• Date value

• Dated

• Day

• Days

• Edit

• Days360

• Hour

• Eomonth

• Month

Text Function Formulas

• Bahttext

• Char


• Code

• Contact

• Concatenate

• Dollars

• Exact

• Find

• Fixed

Lookup and Reference functions. formulas

• Area Address

• Choose

• Columns

• Column

• Formulatext

• Hlookup

• Hyperlinks

• Vlookup

• Row

Thus, some excel formulas that we can describe on this occasion. I hope the above information can be useful for all of you.

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