10 Computer Problems and Solutions

Teknoto.Net - 10 Computer Problems and Solutions, The development of the era where the message is getting more and more, sometimes it makes us lighter in doing things, especially those related to the world of technology. But what happens if you struggle with the computer every day but the computer you use has problems?

Have a problem with your computer and PC that often makes you annoyed and confused about what to do to solve it? Let's see the explanation of 10 Computer Problems and Solutions from us below.

10 Computer Problems and Solutions

1. Malware

Similar to viruses, malware is dangerous. Because malware can stop the computer until the system. In order not to get this virus, then you need to install it first. But now you can download files from a website that is in a malaria place.

The fix: The right way to deal with malware is to use malware tools and don't forget to keep updating it.

2. Internet Connection

There is a myriad of problems that can occur by causing this. Starting from the provider, ISP, or hardware and DNS servers.

Solution: To fix this, you can restart the computer, the problem will be resolved immediately. Use the Windows network diagnostic tool to check for local problems.

3. Computer Crash Occurrence

This problem is generally caused by many factors.

The fix: To fix this you can check all Harare positions. Cables and handles in the case then you can also check the temperature in the CPU and check RAM, Processor, and VGA.

4. Most Smart Instability

This problem usually occurs because the mouse used is dirty.

Solution: You can clean the mouse or if you use an optical mouse this is generally caused by an unstable mouse pad.

5. Hard Driver Failure

This problem is usually found on unreadable hard drives. Generally triggered by the age of the hard drive that must be replaced.

Workaround: The best way to fix this problem is to keep backing up your data. Here you can do it regularly every week or month. Do not forget because no one knows when your hard drive dies.

6. Frozen screen

If you experience this problem, you need to know that it is caused by faulty software or hardware.

Solution: Use windows task manager if the computer can respond. If not, then it is necessary to do a hard reset.

7. Slow Apps

Frequently having problems with apps running slowly? This can happen because the computer is not able to process the power and memory. Because the RAM is too small, the hard drive is full of other applications.

The solution: Understand what the problem is, if it's caused by RAM then you need to find a better RAM, but if it's because of an application, then you can open windows task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+delete, check the processes tab and kill the app that makes it heavy by pressing CTRL+ALT+delete. Click the application and click end processes.

8. The date and time settings in the BIOS are changing

This problem is usually caused by a dead CMOS battery.

Solution: You can replace it by using a new battery.

9. Blue Processor Not Detected

This problem is fairly common, so you have to be careful if you experience this problem.

Solution: You can check whether the installed processor is properly embedded, besides that you can also check the position of the jumper on the processor, regarding this problem you can check the manual.

10. Forgot BIOS Password

This problem is often experienced by most people.

Solution: To fix this you can remove the CMOS battery in your CPU, then you can remember the BIOS manufacturer's default password.

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