Video Settings On Sony A7ii Camera

Teknoto.Net - Video Settings On Sony A7ii Camera - If you're an A7II shooter who works with video, there are plenty of settings and tricks to learn that will maximize performance. To help out by showing you all the settings he uses to turn his A7II into a video-shooting powerhouse.


Memory card

Format the memory card to be compatible with the file management specified by the A7II Camera. Open the camera's main menu, then look for the format command. Here's how to determine image size and quality.

How to Determine Image Size And Quality?

It's a good idea to make the most of it to produce the best quality photos available. Use the JPEG format with Extra Fine or Highest Quality. If you are interested in the RAW format which stores more photo information, you can use that too.


The ISO setting on the camera determines how much money the camera needs to produce photos. A high ISO like 6400 is useful when you're shooting in low-light places but risk producing photos with grain/noise. Meanwhile, low ISOs such as 100 or 200 produce clearer, and best quality photos without noise, but tend to make photos tend to be blurry when you shoot indoors.

White Balance

The camera's white balance setting affects the accuracy of photo colors, skin tones, or shirt colors. It may seem strange if the camera uses the wrong white balance. Fortunately, today's cameras are so advanced they are rarely overlooked. Use the auto white balance setting as a start when experimenting with other white balance settings.


The metering setting determines how the camera measures the light reflected by the object and how it produces a combination of shutter speed and lens aperture that matches the metering results.


The lens on the camera you are using can focus automatically by using the camera's autofocus system or manually by turning the focus ring on the lens. At this early stage, take advantage of the camera's autofocus (AF) system and use the Single AF mode.

Driving Mode

The camera drive mode determines the speed at which the camera takes exposure. Single Shot mode is suitable for use in most shooting conditions and everyday photo objects. Set the camera in this mode the first time you use it. In this mode, every time we fully press the shutter button, the camera will take a photo.

Lighting Mode

Two modes are quite friendly for new camera owners: Auto Mode, Scene Mode, and Program Mode. In both modes, the camera determines all or most of the camera settings so you can focus on taking pictures.

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