Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera Specifications

Teknoto.Net - Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera Specifications - Sony has created an almost perfect all-in-one camera. It has the best mirrorless autofocus system on the market, sharp full-frame 4K video, high shooting speeds worthy of a sports camera, and excellent image quality.


Fans of the Sony A7 Mirrorless camera admire the company's technical excellence. But finally, understand the importance of ergonomics. This new model allows for more natural shooting than any camera ever tried, let alone a Sony shooter. Like any product, it has a few flaws, but this A7 does everything well and beats all other full-frame competitors.

Body and handling

The Sony A7 is slightly heavier (50 grams) than the previous model, but for a full-frame camera, it is still relatively light. It's a scaling tip at 650 grams (1.43 pounds), much lower than comparable prices, the 750 gram Nikon D750 DSLR, for example. The body is a pleasant weight and a great size for taking photos and even better for video, where the extra weight helps with stability.

How is the Performance Produced by the Sony A7?

Technically, the Sony A7 is a dream on paper, but the proof is in the shots. Let's start with autofocus. The Sony A7 can also shoot long bursts at high speed (10 fps for up to 9 seconds in compressed RAW mode), but that doesn't help you much if the focus can't keep up.

Image quality

The A7 is now one of the best performing full-frame cameras in low light, easily beating out competitors like the Nikon D750. That's all thanks to Sony's new 24.2-megapixel back-side-illuminated (BSI) sensor, with a dual-gain design. This effectively increases the amount of light available to the sensor beyond ISO 640 or more.

Reduces noise and preserves the detail in low-light scenes. Although Sony makes sensors that are used by many other camera brands, the Sony A7 keeps the latest and greatest version to itself. Thus the review of the Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera Specifications may be useful.

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