How to Use the Nikon D3100 Camera

Teknoto.Net - How to Use the Nikon D3100 Camera - Nikon is one of the best camera brands on the market today. So that you don't get confused when taking pictures, here we will introduce you to Nikon Camera settings.


1. Set Picture Control.

This menu is useful for choosing the color variations that you will use. There are also manual settings for each of the Image Controls.

How to use the Nikon d3100 camera?

2. Scene Mode.

This menu is not always available, but you should know this menu because its function is to choose the type of shooting, whether for silhouette, sports, night, candlelight, beach, kids, high key, low key, and others.

3. Manage Picture Controls.

For this one setting, its function is to determine whether a photo will be saved or not.

4. Reset Shooting Options.

This setting menu serves to return all Shooting Menu settings to their original or default settings after you change them.

5. Image Size.

Well, if this setting serves to determine how big the photo will be. Starting from Large, Medium, and Small, the detailed size of each camera varies depending on the pixel size.

6. White Balance.

This one feature is perfect for adjusting and adjusting the color balance in every condition. White Balance Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, Cloudy, Direct Sunlight, Shade and manual presets are available, each of which can be set manually.

7. ISO Sensitivity Settings.

If this one setting is very useful for adjusting how many ISOs are used or using auto. Each camera has a different number of ISO variations.

8. D-Light On.

This setting serves to make light in the dark part of the photo.

9. Automatic Distortion Control.

This setting is used to correct barrel or bearing distortion when shooting with G-type lenses, D-type lenses, fisheye, and certain other models.

10. AF Area Mode.

The number of focus points for each camera is different. This menu can also be used to adjust focus using Live View.

Live View menu with options for Face Priority AF, Wide-Area AF, Normal Area AF, and Subject Tracking AF. that's how to use the Nikon d3100, good luck, hopefully, it's useful.

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