How to Setup the Sony A6300 Camera

Teknoto.Net - How to Setup the Sony A6300 Camera - Takes advantage of everything that made its predecessor so popular, but makes some very worthwhile changes. The key is the new image sensor and updated image processing algorithms, together, lower noise levels and improved autofocus.


There's also a new, higher-resolution electronic viewfinder that makes it even more useful with the ability to shoot live feeds at an impressive eight frames per second.

About Sony Alpha A6300 Mirror Mirrorless Camera

The A6300 has a comfortable grip and several well-placed buttons, as well as easily accessible buttons on its right shoulder. Having to shift the position of the hand to get a second spin feels unusual at this price point, but the Sony A6300's Camera can be adjusted to make taking pictures quite quick and easy. If you want to take photos and videos, you can run out of custom buttons that are conveniently placed, forcing you to lean on the Fn menu.

Auto Focus

The a6300's autofocus is impressive when used with a native lens. It can follow subjects in-depth and around the frame with ease, and the sensor's wide AF area makes it very flexible (although this behavior can become erratic if the subject is not well isolated from its surroundings).

Eye AF in AF-C can also be very good. You'll need to configure the function keys to access the features, but its ability to find and follow the subject's eye is impressive and helps you achieve perfectly positioned focus even when using a large-aperture lens with a shallow depth of field.

The quality of the images produced by the A6300

Raw files are still subject to Sony's missing compression system and the camera will still drop to 12-bit mode if you enter certain modes or use the fully electronic shutter, but the dynamic range and performance of the sensor crash. as good as those on APS-C cameras.

Video performance

While Canon has a straightforward touchscreen video mode, Sony has borrowed extensively from its various professional video cameras, providing a potentially confusing, but incredibly powerful set of video recording tools. The fact that the footage goes beyond the 6K region to produce a 4K video means that the video is incredibly detailed and low in noise, even at high ISOs.

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