How to Set Sony A6400

Terknoto.Net - How to Set Sony A6400 ,Sony Alpha A6400 Body (Black), Unmatched a performance feature is a key to beautiful shots. Fast and accurate autofocus lets you capture fleeting moments in stunning detail, thanks to a combination of innovative technologies.


A total of 425 phase-detection AF points work in tandem with contrast-detection AF to achieve an incredible 0.02s .12 speed, while High-Density Tracking AF Technology follows erratically moving subjects.

Autofocus is more accurate in low light

Highly accurate autofocus is now possible even in dark settings, thanks to advances in the AF algorithm. With this model, the lower limit of the AF detection brightness range has been reduced to EV-213 when in AF-S mode.

Why AF in Focus Magnifier for better focus adjustment?

When extra-accurate autofocus is needed, such as when you take a macro shot, you can display a magnified view of the general area you want to focus on, then finely adjust the exact focus point in the viewfinder or on the LCD. screen.

Real-Time Tracking maintains focus on the tracked subject

When you track a fast-moving subject, the camera's enhanced automatic subject movement tracker uses a newly developed subject recognition algorithm that draws on color, pattern (brightness), subject distance (depth), and face or eye information to recognize, and hold onto. , subject. You.

Enhanced Real-time Eye AF supports portrait shooting

Real-time Eye AF detects and auto-focus on your subject's eyes when you half-press the shutter. Either left eye, right eye, or auto can be assigned, and when AF-C is set, AF-C maintains steady focus even if the face is partially hidden, the face is backlit or the subject is facing down.

Capture all the action with continuous shooting at up to 11fps14 (with after view), or 8fps15 (with silent shutter) and 8fps (for live view). Camera operation and access to various features while writing data have also been greatly improved17.

Innovative Image Processing System

The 24.2-megapixel APS-C sized ExmorTM 18 CMOS sensor provides a wide sensitivity range and outstanding low noise performance. In conjunction with the new generation BIONZ XTM image processing engine, it produces beautiful high-resolution images with outstanding image clarity and texture reproduction. That's how to set the Sony alpha A6400, hopefully, it will be useful for you, thank you.


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