The most important setting on the sony A3000 - The most important setting on the sony A3000 - The Sony Alpha Camera is full of settings and options that you can tweak and tweak to suit your preferences and shooting style. In our list of top ten Sony A3000 settings you should know about, we'll cover some of the more basic but important options you should be aware of, as well as some hidden options that you shouldn't miss.


Most mirrorless cameras let you activate the grid of thirds rule displayed on the EVF and LCD, and the Sony A3000 camera is no exception. Even if you are a very experienced photographer, this unobtrusive guide is the best way to ensure that your composition is perfect.

It may seem like jumping on a bicycle with a stabilizer, but this set takes all the guesswork out of composition and helps you compose and shoot faster because you have a clear visual representation to work with.

Enable touch operation

The latest A7 and A9 series cameras have touchscreen operation, and they make sense to use as they make techniques like focus stacking quicker and easier than using a joystick to select a focus point.

How do I set the display quality on A3000?

By default, the display quality is set to standard, but there is a high option that provides a higher resolution image on the EVF and the LCD screen. This will only allow you to enjoy a sharper, more detailed image when composing shots and reviewing images, especially when zooming in to check sharpness.

Save battery with Airplane Mode

By default everything seems to be turned on when you get your Sony camera, so to save valuable battery, switch the camera to Airplane Mode.

Customize the button layout on the A3000

One of the great things about the A7 series and A9 cameras is that most of the call buttons and direct access can be configured to a layout of your own choice.

Set a special shooting mode

With three special shooting modes available, you can program different camera settings and shooting modes, etc. Into it. This means that the camera is ready to photograph a specific subject or behave in a certain way at a glance.

Change the display view when shooting

Whether you are shooting with your eye into the electronic viewfinder (EVF) or using the LCD, you can quickly and easily change the information displayed on the screen or in the EVF by simply pressing the Disp button on the top of the scroll wheel on the rear of the Sony A3000 camera. hopefully useful about the most important Settings on the Sony A3000.


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