The Best And Most Expensive Sony Cameras -  The Best And Most Expensive Sony Cameras - With the existence of various social media such as Instagram and Facebook, cameras are also in great demand to produce better photo shots from cellphone cameras.


Well, one type of camera that is currently mushrooming and loved by the millennial generation is a mirrorless camera. There are many choices of mirrorless camera brands, starting in terms of price and other advantages. Talking about mirrorless cameras, Sony has launched various types of camera series, guys.

Best Sony Brand Mirrorless Camera Series Recommendations

For photography lovers, here are recommendations for the best Sony camera series with high quality and affordable prices:

Sony A5100

The first Sony brand mirrorless camera that is recommended for you is the Sony A5100. With a slim and lightweight body, the Sony A5100 is perfect for those of you who like to travel, because it's easy to carry everywhere. The quality of the photos from this camera is not kidding, you know. Moreover, coupled with a 24.3 Megapixel (MP) sensor and a high focus system.

The Sony A5100 also uses Fast Hybrid AF and WiFi-equipped camera connectivity. For the price alone, the Sony A5100 mirror camera is sold for around IDR 5,600,000 to IDR 6,400,000.

The advantages of a Sony mirrorless camera?

Lightweight mirrorless camera. Very easy to carry everywhere. Many choose mirrorless cameras for everyday photo needs or traveling. For those of you who like to travel without having to be complicated, I recommend buying a mirrorless camera. One of my recommendations is the Sony A6000. This is more than enough. Cameras made by Sony can be relied on in all conditions. You can try it yourself.

Sony Alpha A6000

For beginners and professionals alike, the Sony Alpha A6000 can be the best mirrorless camera choice. The Sony manufacturer has deliberately launched this camera series as the successor to the Sony NEX 6 and Sony NEX 7 simultaneously. One of the advantages of the A6000 is that it can produce 11 photos per second with the AF system and continuous autofocus.

Sony A6300

Unlike the Sony A6000, the Sony A6300 mirrorless series has Phase Detection power of up to 179 points. The specialty of this Sony camera is that it can shoot still objects with a focus point of up to 4D. If you are interested, the Sony A6300 is priced at around Rp.14,000,000 (body only) and Rp.16,000,000 (16-50mm kit lens package). According to the review of the best and most expensive Sony cameras, hopefully, this is useful.


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