Sony A5000 Camera Specifications - Sony A5000 Camera Specifications - The world of photography is the art world that is most in demand by young people in today's digital era, so it's not just for professionals. However, to channel this hobby or profession, a supporting camera is needed, and most cameras used today are DSLR cameras.


However, DSLR cameras are now slowly being replaced by the proliferation of mirrorless cameras or commonly referred to as DSLM cameras. Now one of the vendors who developed this camera is Sony has issued many types of products that have been marketed and one of them is the Sony A5000 camera. The specifications of the Sony A5000 camera can be reviewed as follows.

What is the weight of the Sony A5000 camera?

The camera weighs very lightly, which is only about 210 grams so that users will not be bothered with this minimalist design. Another advantage of this one camera is that it is claimed to be the lightest camera and even the lens can also be replaced like a DSLR camera. The Sony a5000 camera lens type is an E mount type lens which is available in 20 types. However, the availability of many lenses can cause the price of the Sony A5000 camera to soar. To avoid overpricing the Sony A5000 camera, it's more economical to stick to the built-in kit lens.

Because with this lens it is very good to produce images with clear enough quality. But if you are a professional photographer, of course, you will need a Kit Amount Lens, especially if the lens used is a Carl-Zeiss lens.

The components of the Sony A5000 camera

Then in its core components, this camera uses the BIONZ X camera. This processor is the same as that used by its older brother, the Sony A7. APSC 20.1-megapixel crop sensor with a maximum shooting speed of 3.5 frames per second. With a processor in the same class as the Sony A7, the Sony A5000 camera will likely be priced quite expensive.

The advantages of the Sony A5000 camera

The greatness of the Sony A5000 camera is considered very suitable for use by all groups, plus the ease of sharing files on Android or IOs devices is getting more attention. Because the process of sending files does not use Bluetooth but uses a type of wifi-type device that can transfer files very quickly. Thus, a review of the Sony A5000 Camera Specifications may be useful.


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