How To Take Care Of Wet Batteries Or Car Batteries So That Not Fast Drop - How to take care of wet batteries or car batteries so that not fast drop, battery or car battery is one of the very important in the automotive world.because this battery has a function to start the car when the car is first turned on.

There are two types of batteries that we currently use are wet batteries and dry batteries or people usually call MF battery stands for maintenance Free.

For those of you who still use wet batteries, you are not biased to treat them like an MF battery or a dry battery, you must take care and control the condition of the battery water remains in a state of Fuel.

The battery or car battery supplies electric current on the starter motor to work turning the flywheel, and if the battery or battery of your car is electric, soak then the problem that will occur in your car will have difficulty living even your car does not want to live at all because the current generated from the battery is not strong to rotate the starter motor well.

A car battery that drop or electric current less usually you do by cashing in the battery repairman to do strum battery or battery charging, but usually not biased lasts long because the elements on the battery have been damaged so that the battery or car battery can not store the current well not even biased at all in the charge.

Here's how to take care of the car battery so that it does not drop quickly or soak:

1. Turn off all electronic equipment on your car when your car's engine is off

    A. Interior lamp

    b.  Audio

    c.  ac and others

2. when you want to turn on the car engine, it is usual for you not to turn on the air conditioner or audio, you can turn on the air conditioner and other electronics after the car engine is on

3. make sure and check that the cable does not have any short circuit or peel

4. Check and make sure your car alternator is working properly

5. check the battery water indicator

6. add battery water if less

it is 6 important points how to take care of the car battery to last and not quickly drop or soak, hopefully, useful

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