How to Set Shutter Speed ​​Sony A6000 - How to Set Shutter Speed ​​Sony A6000 - For those of you who have a new hobby in the world of photography, you are always looking for a good way to take photos, and you must be looking for ways to adjust the shutter speed on the camera you have today. Apart from being a hobby, if you do photography, you can make money. But nothing is instant, you have to learn a lot of good and correct shooting techniques.


Today's cameras usually have an automatic mode available so you don't have to bother setting the camera to produce beautiful photos. Below is one way to take perfect pictures by setting the shutter speed on a Sony A6000 camera. But before discussing how to set the shutter speed, first know what shutter speed is.

What is shutter speed?

Shutter Speed ​​is a measure of the time distance when the camera shutter is open so that light can enter the image sensor. Shutter speed is calculated in fractions of a second.

Effect of Shutter Speed ​​on Result Image

The image will focus if you set a faster shutter speed, depending on how fast the object you are capturing is moving. If you use a shutter speed that is too slow on a fast-moving object, it will result in a blurry or fuzzy photo. Shutter speed also affects the image produced based on the light in the room, if the shutter speed is fast in a dark room, the image will also not be visible.

Tip Setting Shutter Speed

Tips on how to set your shutter speed are very easy when you understand the object to be captured. Before setting the shutter speed, you should also pay attention to the object you are going to shoot whether it is moving fast, moving slowly, or not moving.

Set a faster shutter speed if the object is moving fast, the Shutter Speed ​​setting is slower if the image is moving slowly, as well as a still image, you can set a slow shutter speed so that the incoming light is also better. Thus a review of How to Set the Sony A6000 Shutter Speed, hopefully, this is useful.


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